Wake Up Now – How Bad Field Leaders Trigger In Depth Reviews

Kirby Cochran, Wake Up Now


Wake Up Now field leaders are notorious in the MLM industry for their very aggressive recruitment methods which upset both distributors as corporate executives from other network marketing companies.

Trying to recruit field leaders from successful network marketing companies is nothing new, however if Wake Up Now field leaders try to recruit leading distributors by spreading fear, uncertainty, doubts and lies it triggers in depth reporting from analysts.

An in depth report about Wake Up Now is written by MLM analyst Len Clements, a 150+ pages report. What really surprise me is that the report is partly funded by the industry. Wake Up Now field leaders must have really upset their competitors by unfair behaviour, I have not seen this before on such a scale.

Len Clements did an awesome job, a fair and balanced report with pro’s and con’s. The highlights from this report:

The Pro’s:

  • Wake Up Now is expanding into South America and Asia.
  • Kevin Thompson is their MLM compliance attorney as Troy Dooly.
  • One of the best plans for those who are looking for only a supplemental income of a few hundred dollars per month.

The Con’s:

  • Wake Up Now appears to be in very poor financial condition.
  • Wake Up Now losses are mainly due to excessive overhead.
  • Losses are rising.
  • No MLM experience in the management
  • Wake Up Now needs the funds from pre-orders to fund the next round
  • Wake Up Now operates in 4 USA states without registration.
  • The energy drink (Thunder) appears to be based on little more than carbonated water, flavoring, and caffeine.
  • WUN’s Vacation Club is significantly higher-priced.
  • The Taxbot product is cheaper available elsewhere.
  • WUNProtect, WUNSpeak, and other products are available for the same price elsewhere.
  • The WUN compensation plan is also ripe for manipulation and abuse by clever participants.
  • Aggressive raiding of other MLM organizations.


You find the full report here

The nr. 1 Top Earner in Wake Up Now is Eric Turner with an downline of 11,000 people and $100,000+ per month.

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