Ja Sung Koo Of Seacret Earns $1M Bonus Check

Ja-Sung Koo, Seacret Direct


Ja Sun Koo of Korea is Seacret's first Crown Royal Agent, earning him a 1 million dollar bonus check.

He rank advanced to Crown Agent just a month prior, earning a $250k bonus check. 

After a lifetime of success in network marketing, Mr. Koo considered himself done with the industry.

Although he achieved his financial goals, his previous company didn’t offer the opportunity to help others reach that same level of achievement, something that was deeply important to Mr. Koo.

He joined SEACRET in January 2013 as a part time Agent and dedicated himself to not only his business, but to bringing the incredible opportunity to those around him.

Among his vast achievements, he has developed 10 Diamond Agents, 2 Blue Diamonds, and 2 Red Diamond Agents on his team as of week 169. And he’s not done.

His next goal is to develop 50 Diamond Agents on his team, bring a total of 150 Agents from his team to the Revolution Convention in November, and achieve the rank of Crown Royale.

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