Mary Kay’s Estelle Jewell Earns 8th Mary Kay Car

David Holl, CEO, MAry Kay


It’s not every day you see a car with the name Mary Kay emblazoned on the side. But there is another car in the area now, as Estelle Jewell picked up her eighth one, a new Chevrolet Equinox, from Jack Powell Automotive on Tuesday and dropped off the Chevrolet Cruz she just received in December.

While it’s not the coveted pink Cadillac, she is on the second tier in car ownership with the company and has her sights on the “Cadi,” which she hopes to attain this fall, skipping the third tier, a BMW, altogether.

The four tiers in Mary Kay selling are Grand Achiever, Premier Level, Premiere Plus and finally, the top tier, consisting of the pink Cadillac, Jewell said.

To get this far, Jewell has built a team, otherwise known as a unit, of 75 individuals and sold a heavy load of Mary Kay collectively.

“It’s not necessarily just sales,” Jewell said. “It’s my sales and my unit’s. It’s their sales and my sales and their team building and my team building. It’s sales and team building.”

Jewell has been with Mary Kay for 24 years, but she has only been a sales director since 2009.

When asked what it will take to get the pink Cadillac, she said, “a little more work. The goal is to be in the pink Cadillac by September.”

After she completes her qualifications for the pink Cadillac, it will take nearly six months to receive her car, as Mary Kay does not produce them until sellers qualify for the car.

Although Mary Kay is Jewell’s livelihood, she isn’t just in it for the money or cool company cars, she sees Mary Kay as a way to give back to the community and to give women a hand up.

“My biggest desire is to offer women hope to be able to work from home if that’s what they choose to do and put their families first,” she said. “Mary Kay’s philosophy is to put God first, family second and career third, and my passion in life is to be able to offer women hope.”


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