Brandon Hayes Becomes Zija’s Newest Double Diamond Distributor

Brandon Hayes, Zija


Brandon Hayes becomes Zija’s newest Double Diamond distributor, one of the top ranks in the compensation plan and stated:

What an incredible journey of FREEDOM this has been! Just a few short years ago I, like most people, was living a quiet life of mediocrity and desperation, only to arrive safely at my grave.

Most people die at age 25, they just don't end up being buried until around age 85.

They go to work, go to sleep, go to work, go to sleep, go to work go to sleep . . ., and never end up accomplishing much, helping many people, or leaving any sort of lasting legacy. In less than a few hundred years their name is erased from history, leaving no real imprint on human existence.

I didn't want that. I wanted something bigger and better. 'Just good enough’ wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

You know what makes me sick to my stomach? AVERAGE! It's the best of the worst and the worst of the best. I wanted to DO more, BE more, ACHIEVE more and HELP more people. I wanted nothing to do with the 'corporate pyramid' or the 'rat race.' It’s a broken economic system that simply doesn’t work and which is relatively new, historically speaking.

I knew that I was designed for something much greater than living a life of high-paid slavery, sucking up to a boss who has no real interest in taking care of my family and me.

I wanted FREEDOM to be married to my spouse and not my boss or my job, to spend all day with my children instead of the guy in the cubicle next to me, to design my own destiny and create my own reality, to change the trajectory of my family's future and forge a new path, to chase my dreams instead of chasing a dirty green piece of paper called money, and to live Life Unlimited! Fortunately, that’s exactly what has happened!

We are FREEDOM FIGHTERS and the battle cry is LIFE UNLIMITED, under the flag of Zija International. We invite all to join us on this mission of setting the captives free. The captives are those who will no longer settle for indentured servitude. They will no longer sit idly by while others choose to WIN in life.

They refuse to be a drone, a worker bee, or a battery for the much bigger machine. This is not simply a moment in time—it's a MOVEMENT. You are fortunate enough to be at the genesis of that movement. This is a very unique segment in time that will never come again.

You have an important decision to make: will you FIGHT for freedom? I can't promise you that it's going to be easy; the fight for freedom rarely is. But I can assure you that it will be entirely worth it.

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