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LyfeStart International welcomes Daniel Sistrunk as a LyfeStart Executive Advisor. Daniel Sistrunk has three decades of experience in the network marketing industry. In previous positions, he has secured thousands of customers and direct sales representatives, generated millions in annual revenue, and has been recognized as top recruiter and top income earner.

“I was drawn to LyfeStart, International because it’s a company of inclusion. It’s the first nutritional network marketing company founded and managed by a group that looks like the United Nations,” he says. “Just as I advocate owning a business as a direct path to financial success, by joining LyfeStart, I’m applying that same philosophy.”

Daniel has achieved success by empowering others to achieve goals that promote long-term economic success. This emphasis on offering others opportunity is what drew him to LyfeStart’s mission of helping others, and has made him a tremendous advocate of direct sales as a path to financial independence.

Raised by a mother who bought a home and was able to offer her children a college education because of direct sales, he believes strongly that business ownership is the pathway to long-term success.

“Creating opportunities for people to own their own business is incredibly valuable to society,” he says.

“And then to top this off by being able to support a mission of feeding children in need and ending global obesity, that’s contributing to society and having a significant impact on the world.”

Daniel sees trends in workplace satisfaction that are changing how people think about their careers. “It’s a matter of identifying trends and being ahead of the curve,” he says. “People are looking for options outside of trying to climb the corporate ladder. They want a different atmosphere, where their contributions are appreciated and where they can create their own success.”

He adds, “LyfeStart is poised to do this in a unique way, with their mission to end malnutrition and the caliber of their executives. I started a company in this industry before, and once you’ve had that experience, you’re appreciative of the kind of executive leadership it takes to create LyfeStart’s instant success. It starts with the founders,” he says.

He explains, “LyfeStart CEO and Founder Christopher Pair Garza, was CEO and President of Herbalife, a multi-billion dollar company. He, along with LyfeStart Founder John Purdy, former President of Visalus, is experienced in the practical applications of high-level success in this industry. Founder Richard Paul Evans brings inspiration and a different kind of business expertise to this venture. He has 17 million books in print; he’s got the pulse of America.”

Daniel adds, “The self-development aspect is very important. You need the right mental framework to build success. LyfeStart’s health, wealth, self emphasis acknowledges the role of self-development in creating success in your life. Here’s a quote that says it all, “I’m going to make the rest of my life, the best of my life’… so get started today with LyfeStart!”

About LyfeStart

LyfeStart is the first socially conscious, global network marketing company committed to providing sustainable solutions to the dual crisis of global obesity and worldwide hunger.

LyfeStart empowers people to create change in their lives, so they can improve their health, achieve their potential, and provide nourishment for a child in need. For every Nourish Nutritional Protein Shake the company sells, LLyfeStart provides a meal for a hungry child.

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