Herbalife Calls Bill Ackman “The Worst Of Wall Street”

Michael Johnson, CEO, HErbalife


Herbalife's digital media strategy fighting off Bill Ackman's short campaign appears to include comparing the fund manager to Jordan Belfort-a convicted felon who ran a 90s-era boiler room, wrote a best-selling book and had a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio made about him.

On July 17, verified Twitter account @HerbalifeTRUTH tweeted a superimposed an image of Ackman on a Wolf of Wall Street movie poster calling him the Worst of Wall Street. 

The Twitter account linked to a press release slamming Pershing Square's short bet against Herbalife.

Ultimately, Pershing Square's campaign is based on propaganda, and we look forward to demonstrating that its assumptions will crumble under serious and independent scrutiny.

It's unclear who exactly is behind the @HerbalifeTRUTH Twitter account. It links back to Iamherbalife.com. The two authors listed on the site areHerbalife and Andy Amsler, who works for digital media campaign company Podesta Group.

Ackman is loudly short Herbalife-a multi-level marketer that sells weight loss shakes and nutritional supplements. Ackman believes the company operates as a pyramid scheme that targets lower income individuals.

Herbalife has denied and continues to deny Ackman's accusations.

On Tuesday, Ackman will be giving another one of his presentations on an investigation into how the company operates its nutrition clubs.

An in-depth analysis and examination of these clubs-which Herbalife claims are simply social gatherings that bring people together to focus on good nutrition and exercise-reveal that they are a core driver of Herbalife's pyramid scheme, a press release from Pershing dated July 18 said.

Ackman has yet to break even on his short.

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