Jeunesse Welcomes World-Renowned Distributors Paula Pritchard & Kathy Robbins

Paula PRitchard,Jeunesse


Jeunesse has proudly welcomed world-renowned network marketing mentors Paula Pritchard and Kathy Robbins on its leadership ranks, along with members of their organization, The Global Partners Group.

Business partners for more than 25 years, Paula and Kathy have helped guide the growth of a multitude of multimillion-dollar companies, motivating and developing thousands of distributors in the U.S. and international markets.

Upon meeting with Jeunesse co-founder Wendy Lewis earlier this year, the two iconic leaders admit to being immediately intrigued. “There was no hype,” said Paula. “Wendy was humble, and she seemed to really appreciate the network marketing industry as well as her distributors.”

Equally impressed with the results after trying the Jeunesse line of youth-enhancing products, Paula and Kathy visited the Jeunesse global headquarters in Altamonte Springs, Florida—and brought 26 of their team leaders with them. “We did not want to make the decision alone,” said Kathy after a day of introductions to Jeunesse executives and products. “They all agreed that this was where we needed to go.”

Paula and Kathys’ initiation into Jeunesse coincides with a continued period of remarkable growth for the company, whose monthly sales revenue reached a record-breaking $40 million in June and whose distributor enrollment for the month totaled 38,000. Jeunesse was also recently recognized in Direct Selling News' $100 Million Dollar Growth Club, honoring sales growth of $100 million or more in less than a year.

Kathy Robbins - JeunesseAccording to Kathy, the transition to Jeunesse from their most recent position as Master Distributors with Xoçai Healthy Chocolate has been a positive one.

“We feel this is the first company we've really been aligned with; the owners care about network marketers and really celebrate their success.

Our organization is so excited to be a part of Jeunesse. They're thrilled and working hard—we're all very pleased with the decision.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a leading direct selling company devoted to encouraging its distributors to look and feel younger, earn more, and enjoy life. Company research focuses on adult stem cell technology, telomere support, DNA repair, and nutrigenomics. Products are made in the U.S.A. and are exclusively formulated for Jeunesse.

With a multilingual customer service, back office support team, global enrollment system, and in-house programming already in place, the company is fully operational in 32 offices around the world. Its distribution channels extend to more than 100 countries. Jeunesse and the Jeunesse logo are registered trademarks of Jeunesse Global, LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. 

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