Visalus’ UK Kavanaghs And Webbs Hit Over $250k In Earnings



The Kavanaghs and Webbs have become somewhat household names within the Visalus UK Community. Due to their fast rise to success, the market’s founding Promoters have appeared numerous times in Visalus' marketing materials—from The Challenge Magazine, to Vi-LIFE Magazine, to promo recognition lists.

This time, 5-Star Ambassadors Trisha & John Kavanagh and 1-Star Ambassadors Peter & Hilary Webb made headlines for achieving over $250K in personal earnings within just 12 months with Visalus.

Read on to see how these two Visalus couples have built such momentum for their Visalus business!

5-Star Ambassadors Trisha & John Kavanagh: “Vi allowed us to dream again”

With a strong team behind them, and 700 Rising Stars heading up the ranks daily, the Kavanaghs have already generated £1.3 million (that’s over $2.2 million USD) in sales in the first half of 2014! 

They proudly accepted their exclusive $250,000 Earners Pendant at UK’s first RST of the year. There they were cheered on by many of the 200 Promoters they helped achieve a BMW, and some of the 1,050 Customers and Promoters who they helped qualify for 3 For FREE. 

“To have achieved an income of $250,000 in our very first year with Visalus is something that we feel tremendous gratitude for,” said Trisha and John. “It has enabled us to create financial stability for the first time in a long time. It has also allowed us to dream again of new possibilities, and work towards a goal of total financial freedom and independence.”

1-Star Ambassadors Peter & Hilary Webb: Helping Others by Challenging Others

Just 45 days after joining Visalus in April 2013, Peter and Hilary Webb achieved the rank of 1-Star Ambassadors.

Within one year, they helped 1,300 people qualify for 3 For FREE, and in the process, earned three additional Bonus Checks totaling $40,000.

And 2014 is looking like another good year for the couple, who now proudly wear their exclusive $250,000 Earners Pendant. They have already achieved £1.5 million (over $2.5 million USD) in sales in the first two quarters alone, with over 2,000 Customers buying their Challenge Kit each month.

“Visalus has allowed us to completely change our lives in such a short period of time,” said Peter. “We are fully committed to helping as many people as possible through the PROJECT 10™ Challenge do the same—either with a complete health transformation, financial transformation, or both.”

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