4Life’s New New Health Sciences Advisory Board Member

Dr. Mei-Ling Siu-Caldera, 4Life, Health Science Advisory Board Member



4Life's Chief Scientific Officer Chris Lockwood, PhD, CSCS, appointed Mei-Ling Siu-Caldera, MD, PhD, as the newest member of the company’s Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB).

Dr. Siu-Caldera was born to Chinese parents in Nicaragua. She graduated with her medical degree from the University of San Carlos, Guatemala, and received her PhD in Nutrition from the University of Connecticut, Storrs.

She has done extensive research involving vitamin D and women’s health while at Brown University School of Medicine, and taught Nutrition at the University of Connecticut for more than ten years. Presently, she has a private practice as a Nutritionist.

Dr. Lockwood: “It is with great honor that I welcome Dr. Mei-Ling Siu-Caldera to our 4Life HSAB. Her research is quite extensive, with more than 20 peer-reviewed papers of which she is a lead or co-investigator.  She has specific expertise within the area of vitamin D research; both in the identification of new, biologically active metabolites of vitamin D as well their respective effects within various research models.”

4Life’s HSAB supports the 4Life Research and Development mission of being an industry leader in dietary supplementation, substantiation, and education. Among 4Life’s HSAB responsibilities are product formulation and evaluation, scientific study design and interpretation, and technical content in support of the company’s executive mandate to empower independent distributors and customers alike with products superior in strength, composition, and design.

Dr. Siu-Caldera will join her new colleagues at the annual HSAB Retreat in Sundance, Utah during the second week of August.

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