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Rosie PIerri,Real Housewives New Jersey


Many viewers who tune in weekly to The Real Housewives of New Jersey television show can’t help but root for cast member, Rosie Pierri. Whether it’s because she’s outspoken and brassy, or just passionate about her family, there’s a refreshing realness about her that connects with a lot of people.

Rosie is not your typical bedazzled Hollywood Housewife—in fact, she’s not one at all. She’s stands up for what she believes, tells it like it is, and occasionally gets her hands dirty. And she’s not afraid to talk about her long-term struggles with being overweight.

Visalus interviews Rosie

Vi: What inspired you to start The Challenge?

ROSIE: I had already begun my weight-loss journey, and went on the ViSalus website and saw all the incredible results of people losing weight and getting fit. I mean, people were really losing a lot of weight! It looked like something that could be right for me. And, the whole charity component and the fact that those results help children (through PROJECT 10 Kids)… that was cool. So, I tried it.

Vi: You’ve definitely lost weight in the past few months. Is it difficult to juggle all that you’re doing with eating right and exercising?

ROSIE: When the show [The Real Housewives of New Jersey] airs, my schedule gets crazy and I’m so busy. And, I’m getting ready to buy a house. But, I still make the time. I’m doing really well with working out, and I’m eating very healthy. I’m like, ‘Wow,’ I see some serious results!

Vi: How do you begin your day?

ROSIE: I work out first thing in the morning. Then I make sure to have a healthy breakfast with the protein cereal—Vi Crunch. I actually mix the cereal in plain yogurt every day—I love the crunchiness! I could even eat that Vi Crunch again for lunch. Usually I have some fish and a salad. Later on I have a sensible dinner.

Vi: Have you always struggled with weight?

ROSIE: Yeah. When I was 18, I was over 200 lbs (and I’m 5’4) and decided to follow a strict diet. I stuck to it and didn’t cheat, and dropped almost 70 lbs. After that, I became even thinner. In my mid-30s, though, I started to struggle again, and my weight got out of control.

Vi: Was there something specific that triggered it?

ROSIE: When I was in my mid-30s, life really got me down and I started to lose myself. I became very depressed. Gained 30 lbs. in one month. The weight just kept coming, and it didn’t come off. I got to a point that I couldn’t breathe right. And I hated looking in the mirror and seeing that I had let myself go.

Vi: What lifestyle choices have you made to become healthier?

ROSIE: I had tried losing the pounds with the weight bands, but it didn’t work. So, I started working out. I quit smoking, which was huge for me. I’m always making sure to continually have breakfast, and I’m eating healthier and in small quantities throughout the day. I’ve lost more than 30 lbs.

Vi: What’s it like to be on Reality TV in terms of people constantly watching you all the time?

ROSIE: Being on Reality TV doesn’t make my life any harder. I am who I am. I wanted to lose weight because I didn’t like the way I looked. I lost a lot of weight years ago—and I know I can do it again. So, it’s possible. I don’t like anything to win over me. I won’t let weight win.

Vi: As you’ve worked towards becoming healthier, what have you learned about yourself?

ROSIE: I’m really loving working out. I love lifting weights and swimming. Now, if I don’t do exercise like 6 times a week, I’m pissed at myself. Sometimes I ask my trainer, “Are you sure you’re working me out as hard as possible?”

Vi: What’s something that many people don’t know about you?

ROSIE: I take everything to heart. I really cherish the people that I care about – and their opinion matters a lot to me. I want everybody to be proud of me. Yes, I have a rough exterior, but that is just the way I protect myself. People who are REAL will take the time to discover and appreciate that side of me. If they’re fake or shallow or judgmental, well, then they’re going to miss out on hanging out with somebody awesome. I’m very loyal to my friends, and I think with my heart, more than with my head.

Vi: Anything else?

ROSIE: Oh yeah. I’m 47 years old, and I have killer legs. People don’t see them… but they’re there. Damn sexy pair of legs.

Vi: What’s your 90-Day Challenge goal?

ROSIE: In the next 3 months, I want to fit into a Size 10. That would be perfect for me.

Vi: When you do become Size 10, what will be the first thing you do?

ROSIE: I will buy a nice sexy black suit that has skinny flat-front pants and that fits me… perfectly. Oh, and I’m going to wear with it pointy winged-tipped shoes. I love pointy shoes.

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