Ángel Ortega Is Xango’s Newest 200k Premier Select, Celebrating In Mexico City

Angel Ortega, Xango


Xango recently hosted their annual convention in Mexico City, Mexico and celebrated their newest 200k Premier Select, a top ranking level in Xango.

Angel Ortega, 200k Premier Select, was among many others celebrated at Dream 2014, including  100K Premier Select Raúl Villegas, 100K Premier Select Circe Rodríguez, 500K Premier Select Estela Salinas, XANGO VP and General Manager of  the Hispanic and Latin American markets David García, and of course the presence of XANGO founders and board members Kent Wood, Joe Morton, Gordon Morton, and CEO & Board Chairman Aaron Garrity.

The meeting covered important leadership topics, business tools, focus and entrepreneurship. One of the big surprises was Aaron’s global premiering of XANGO Rush as the theme for next year’s international convention. We closed the day with a spectacular leadership dinner, an opportunity for mingling with these most committed leaders, special guests and the XANGO founders.

Day 2, at the impressive Arena Ciudad de México, brought early-morning lines of Distributors, Customers and guests, all anticipating the training and inspiration of DREAM 2014. In a great show of strength and unity, all attending Premiers filled the stage to welcome the crowd of more than 10,000.

The weekend included: Workshops and training from leadership and financial-planning experts Alfredo Culebro and Blair Singer, inspiring stories of strength and wisdom from Anita Moorjani and Jorge Font, passion- and belief-building from Premiers Pamela Monroy and Joel Cruz, 100K Selects Andrés Rodríguez and Jorge Andrés Arzamendi, and, of course, Estela Salinas herself.

The following rank advancements were also recognized at the event:

New 20Ks
Berenice Catalina Garfias
Carlo Sanabria
Diego Cruz Sánchez
Lourdes Macías y Alfonso Urbano
Lina Sánchez Nájera
Arturo Mendoza
Angélica González  
Jorge Benjamín Hernández
Yvonne Madero Garnica

New Premiers
Gabriel Sánchez Grimaldi
Jesús Sanabria
Alfonso Perea
Rodrigo Villegas
Alejandro Bautista

New 100K Premiers
Astrid y Leo Ayala
Ana Laura Mondragón
Samuel Beutelspacher

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