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Associates in Australia and New Zealand will have some high profile help in advancing the ASEA brand and Renu 28, in particular.

Australian media personality, Sally Obermeder, and international skincare expert and Australian native, Ingrid Seaburn, are partnering with ASEA to endorse and promote the powerful benefits of Renu 28, featuring first-to-market Redox Signaling technology.

This dynamic duo will appear at ASEA-sponsored events, at media events and will also be featured prominently on the Australian and New Zealand web sites and in market-specific marketing materials. Noah Westerlund, ASEA Vice President of Marketing, says that these two well-respected personalities’ endorsement will offer a huge boon to Associates' grass-roots marketing efforts.

“These two women aren’t just celebrities,” observed Noah. “They are successful business women whose opinions and experiences are highly respected among the demographic of consumers who will be buying and using Renu 28. We are confident that Associates will reap significant credibility as a result of this partnership.”

Noah says that Sally is the co-host of Australia’s Channel 7 afternoon news, a broadcast that is seen country-wide. As a breast cancer survivor who has undergone the rigors of chemotherapy, Sally says she is extremely selective about what she puts on her skin.  She uses RENU 28 because it gently simulates what the body does naturally.

 “Maintaining healthy skin can be challenging, especially when the body is battling to eliminate and shed dead cells and toxins that build up over time,” says Sally, “so I am impressed with the way RENU 28 promotes the strength and resiliency of my skin’s reproduction in partnership with my body’s natural rejuvenation efforts.”

A former Los Angeles based skincare expert who has returned to her native land, Ingrid has over 14 years of experience in the skincare industry. At a media event on July 25 in Sydney, Ingrid explained how Redox Signaling molecules are vital to your immune system and to cellular healing mechanisms.

“A proper supply of Redox Signaling molecules enables cellular healing throughout your body,” Ingrid said. “As you age, your cells produce fewer and fewer of these molecules and your body’s ability to combat every day ailments diminishes.”

“My clients are always looking for the next big thing in the fight against aging and increasingly they are looking for natural solutions, which is why I have no hesitation recommending this unique product that helps supplement and replenish their naturally occurring Redox Signaling molecules.”

“We are excited about the possibilities that our new friendship with these two amazing women will bring,” said Noah, “and we look forward to working in partnership to advance ASEA and the RENU 28 brand in both Australia and New Zealand.”

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