Innutra Expands In European Union

Jim Ayres,Innutra,CEO


Innutra LLC announced the long awaited expansion and opening of the European Union for the Innutra products and opportunity.  They have products on the ground in our warehouse in Europe, and they are in a final stage of  the extensive process to certify, register and sell their products in all 28 EU countries.

Innutra's expansion into the EU provides the company with an excellent opportunity for growth.  We are very excited that Innutra products and systems are going to be available to help the millions of people in need of better health in the EU. said co-founder Jim Ayres.  He continues, The problem of obesity and the growth of health concerns such as diabetes, hypertension, and other ailments is not isolated to the US.  This is a big step for Innutra's global expansion efforts to change the world.  

Innutra, providing innovative nutrition and sustainable weight loss products, that are easy to use and very effective.  Look for big changes overseas with Innutra's life changing nutritional products.

Innutra will have more announcements as they enter the pre-launch phase for recruiting and building the distributor force in the EU.

About Innutra

Innutra (Innovative Nutrition) was formed to change and transform lives. To change and transform health. To change and transform quality of life. To change and transform others. With their cutting-edge nutritional products and tools to support and educate, they are transforming lives for the better. From weight loss and management to supporting general health, Innutra is Innovative Nutrition that will change and transform lives.


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