MonaVie Italy Has Officially Launched

Mauricio Bellora,MonaVie,CEO


MonaVie announced the official launch of business operations in Italy on Monday, September 29, 2014 (US-MDT).

Consumers in Italy are now able to enroll in MonaVie and purchase the following products:

MonaVie Active™
MonaVie EMV™
MonaVie Rest™
MonaVie Balance™
MonaVie RVL™ Nutritional Shake Mixes (Chocolate Berry and Vanilla Cream)

This country launch is in response to the tremendous enthusiasm displayed by our valued distributors across the world and our growing distributor force in the European Region. MonaVie products are now being marketed and sold in 39 countries overall.

Direct selling is a large and vital part of European trade with sales volume displaying constant growth over the past 5 years. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, Italy ranked in the top 10 of billion dollar markets worldwide, bringing in a total of $3.4 billion dollars in 2012 alone.

“We are ready now to compete in one of the most attractive and important markets in the direct selling world!” said Dario Colagiacomo, Vice President of MonaVie Europe. “We are excited for the opportunity to play a key role in this arena.” 

Despite global economic strife, direct selling is a growth-oriented multi-billion dollar industry that offers a uniquely poised opportunity for the highly motivated individual who wants to take their life into their own hands. And as an industry leader, MonaVie is helping to educate people around the world about the merits of direct selling and the opportunity it represents for individuals from every walk of life.

Dario added, “Our main objectives are to be interesting, attractive, and credible for everybody at every level. From those who want our product for personal consumption only to those who want to build relationships and become successful, our goal is to create positive experiences with both our products and services no matter how a person is introduced to MonaVie. MonaVie Incaricati (distributors) can count on unique and high quality products coupled with one of the most innovative and attractive business models.

“We are committed to creating a long term relationship with our customers, end users, and distributors in Italy and across Europe. It is our belief that it isn’t important what we think or say to others about who we are; our reputation is made by what others think and say about us!”

MonaVie expressed their excitement at welcoming the people of Italy into their family of visionary distributors who enjoy creating a meaningful business.

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