The MORE Project To Host Second Annual World Day Of Giving

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MonaVie and the MORE Project are pleased to announce the second annual World Day of Giving to take place Saturday, November 1, 2014.

This is a day that the company's distributors, brand promoters, employees, friends and supporters in Utah and around the world can unite and give what they can on behalf of the children and families in need who benefit from MORE Project funds.

The MORE Project, founded by MonaVie and funded by MonaVie and distributor donations, operates in five of the favelas (slums) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where chaos and indecent surroundings reign. To give you a visual, growing up in the favelas entails… 

Open sewers in your backyard and no running water
Little opportunity to properly wash daily
Chronic hunger
Violence stemming from police actions or gang wars
Abuse in the home
Having to choose between the offer of sex for money or not eating

The MORE Project’s goal is to transform the next generation by eradicating poverty and conflict present in these undeserved communities, such as violence, drugs, early pregnancy, child prostitution, abandonment and school delay. The MORE Project instills in each child the assurance that their life is valuable and that they can rise above their surroundings. We provide this optimistic feeling in many different ways.

10 Ways Your Gift Will Make a Difference on the MORE World Day of Giving: 
1. Educate 600 students and 300 adults 
2. Provide 5,300 meals per month for hungry families 
3. Teach children to read 
4. Keep children away from drugs 
5. Help children stay in school 
6. Teach computer skills 
7. Operate three schools 
8. Provide counseling and social services 
9. Build homes for families and provide protection for at-risk youth 
10. Provide dance, soccer, and jiu-jitsu lessons

“Our passion is to get people with kids who do not have a chance and give them a chance so their dreams can also become a reality,” said Estevão Ponce, global director of the MORE Project. “We have an amazing program but you know what, we’re not done. Our vision is so much bigger and that’s why we need your help.”

How to Give on Saturday, November 1: 

Simply visit to make a donation.

About the MORE Project 
The MORE Project is a 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization established in 2005 by MonaVie, a leading health and wellness company, as an integral part of the company’s founding vision to generate abundance for people all around the world. In addition to helping its distributors achieve a more meaningful life through improved health and prosperity, MonaVie founded the MORE Project as a catalyst to empower individuals who live in poverty to break the cycle of fear and hopelessness that often rules their lives.

Initially, the program provides critical resources, such as food, urgent medical care and safe shelter, to end suffering. Long-term needs are met through educational and vocational programs that restore dignity and provide long-term self-sufficiency.

About MonaVie 
Since 2005, MonaVie has developed premium products dedicated to promoting health and wellness worldwide. With distribution in more than 20 markets, MonaVie addresses four key areas necessary for optimal health—Nutrition, Weight, Energy, and Stress—with products made from the best and rarest ingredients on Earth.

The products, in conjunction with MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner, empower people to live healthier, more meaningful lives. That greater meaning is revealed through our heartfelt commitment to doing good in the world and by helping children and families in need through the MORE Project. Start living A More Meaningful Life today and discover the true, life-changing power of MonaVie. 

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