Visalus’ Mike & Shirley Wrenn Reach $1 Million In Lifetime Earnings

Mike and Shirley Wrenn,Visalus


Visalus' Mike and Shirley Wrenn are the newest distributors to reach $1 million in career earnings. 

It’s an accomplishment that has come with hard work and dedication, but the results have been better than they ever imagined.

“When we first started promoting The Challenge, we knew we had found the opportunity of a lifetime,” says Mike.

Since then, the Wrenns have made sure to make every day count–for themselves and for their team.

They’ve constantly focused on the team members that need encouragement, and have showed each one of them that they believe in their success.

“We always make sure to help our team overcome obstacles,” says Mike.

They do this based on their own experience. As real estate brokers and investors, Mike and Shirley were able to fill a void with Vi, especially when the market went on a downward spiral several years ago.

“There were months that we had to tap into our savings to pay bills,” says Mike.

“We knew that we needed to find a Plan B that would carry us through the tough times,” he adds.

Vi became a great fit for their family. Nowadays, they’re working just as hard as day one, but enjoy the fruits of their labor even more.

In fact, Mike shared three tips that new Promoters can use for their career:

Have a huge Why, one that will drive you to step out of your comfort zone. Build a big support list. Don’t try to do this alone, listen to the people who have had success promoting the PROJECT 10™ Challenge. Have fun! You can never expect people to join you if you aren’t enjoying what you do.

For both Mike and Shirley, the results of promoting The Challenge have led to many rewards—even beyond $1 million.

“The fact that we have an opportunity to help people change their life for the better, both physically and financially, is unbelievably rewarding!” – Mike Wrenn 

*Results not typical. Achievement in rank depends upon many factors such as hard work, determination, financial resources and social contacts.

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