Javita On Target For $36 Million Revenue – Up 360%

John Haremza, Javita


I was talking with MLM Legend John Haremza at the Mastermind in Orlando and then again at GoPro in Las Vegas this past weekend.

John is the Master Distributor for Javita, a 25 year veteran of this industry, who has averaged $1,000,000 a year for the past 10 years.

He has some great generic training videos that anyone can benefit from at www.johnharemza.com.

John is amazed at what is happening at Javita. They did just over $10 million last year, they are on target for $36 million this year and with the momentum that is taking place he can see Javita at $80 to $100 million in 2015.   

He caught my attention when he shared how many new distributors, with no network marketing experience, were having extraordinary success.

When I asked him what he attributed this too John said:

First, the five critical elements must be in place company, product, compensation, timing, training and support and Javita clearly has these 5 elements in place”.

He pointed out the one thing that is giving these new people such success was the product, weight loss coffee, it’s so comfortable and easy to talk about. When you say weight loss coffee the line begins to form.

John pointed out that in many companies the product is uncomfortable to talk about. You are in the convincing business. You have to convince people to do something they are not doing and spend money they are not spending.  It’s a compliance nightmare to keep them on the product. 

People are already spending money on coffee. They are already in the habit of drinking it.  No one ever forgets to drink their coffee and as a result we have incredible compliance.

Javita’s retention is close to 10 times the industry average.  The bottom line is that you can’t NOT sell weight loss coffee.  It’s so comfortable and easy which John says is the major factor in the incredible level of success our new people are seeing.

Some new Javita rep's success stories:

Matt Bejar - Javita

My name is Matt Bejar, I’m 24 years old, from the Napa Valley in California. I got into labor jobs right out of high school and then I got into construction. After three years of back breaking labor and long hours in construction, I felt like a hamster spinning its wheel, going nowhere. The thought of putting another 30 years in construction made me sick.  I was only 23 years old and I could not imagine committing my whole life to something I disliked every single day.

But now I feel so blessed for being introduced to Javita so young.  I’ve heard many stories about bad experiences with network marketing but I can see that Javita will be my only experience.   

When Javita came into my life, I knew it could take me to another level and get me off that hamster wheel. Somehow I knew network marketing worked if you had the right company to use as a vehicle for success. I had the privilege of being introduced to Javita by industry leaders Rob and Rebecca Bunce who are top producers in Javita.

Carla Vargas - JavitaMy name is Carla Vargas. I have a corporate job which involves a very heavy travel schedule and time away from my young family.  I find my job overwhelming especially the time and pain of so much travel.

I just had a baby and I needed to lose some weight when I was introduced to Javita by a longtime friend.  I loved the coffee from the first day and then I learned that there was a business associated with the coffee, something called MLM.  I had no clue what MLM was. Thank God for Google! 

I still have my full time job ….. for now.  I expect to earn $188,000 from Javita this year and I’m looking forward to making it full time. I’m still amazed to think that I did not know what network marketing was and now I love sharing the product and the business with others.  I have to pinch myself to be sure it’s real.

I was at an event in Las Vegas when I said, “I can do this”.  Three months later I made Diamond. I have 4,900 people in my business and the residual income alone was $103,040 and I’m still part time. 

Julie Grimsson - JavitaMy name is Julie Grimsson from a small city on Vancouver Island, Canada. 

I had absolutely no experience in the Direct selling industry before I was introduced to Javita by a neighbor. I’m a single parent with 3 children struggling to keep up with bills and payments. My career for the past 16 years was running my daycare, working 11-12 hours a day.  Now my Javita check is paying me as much as my daycare.  I’m still running it but I cut back on the number of kids and I work my calls in all day long, every chance I get.

At age 34, I was tired, overweight and wanting a change. I was open to any opportunity for change and because I was overweight when I heard the words weight loss coffee I was immediately interested.

I seriously felt that I would fail at the business but wanted to try and get my product for free. With the training and support I have been blessed to receive from my up line, Donna Farrell, and this company my eyes have been opened and my world has been turned upside down by this amazing journey of network marketing.  

Donna Farrell is an experienced leader who has made well over $1,000,000 in this business and she has helped me a lot.  Now I’m able to work mostly from home and provide a stable foundation for my family. I just love that I am excited about my career and look forward to growing in this industry.

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