4Life Philippines Commemorates Successful Year

4Life, CEO, Steve Tew


4Life Philippines held a year-end recognition event on December 14 at the Manila Hotel on Roxas Blvd. The event was attended by 900 distributors and guests who dressed in red gowns and suits to align with the event theme, “Ready to Expand and Dominate (RED).”

Distributors from across the Philippines were in attendance, in addition to Gold International Diamonds Manuel Koh and Fadzli Salim and Siti Zuraidah from Singapore. Several corporate employees also participated including Vice President, International Steve Apple and 4Life Philippines General Manager Eileen Tan-Dario.

The event highlight was distributor recognition and the announcement of eight new International Diamonds, 38 new Presidential Diamonds, and 400 Diamonds from around the region who achieved new ranks during the past year.

Keynote speaker Fadzli Salim shared his personal 4Life journey and stressed the importance of having a dream and the determination to achieve it. Keynote speaker Manuel Koh emphasized the importance of choosing the right company as a cornerstone to being successful in the network marketing industry and reiterated that this is what he has found through 4Life. Eileen Tan-Dario spoke about significant developments in 2014 including the expansion of the office to include a training center on the 16th floor.

Steve Apple spoke to the group via video about 4Life’s overall achievements during the past year. He talked about the important work Foundation 4Life® has done in the region, including donations to the Dona Justa Guido Elementary School. Two students from the school came onstage to express their gratitude.

Eileen Tan-Dario: “2014 was a marvelous year for 4Life Philippines. We are looking forward to 2015. Philippine distributors are ready to expand and continue to improve. We are so proud of them all.”

About 4Life

In 1998, 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee launched the company’s flagship immune system support product, 4Life Transfer Factor. As the first network marketing company to do so, 4Life’s leading group of doctors, scientists, and researchers continue to advance immune system science with innovations in product formulation, production standards, delivery methods, and more. Today, people in more than 50 countries enjoy the immune system support of 4Life products.


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