Isagenix Celebrates Its 128th Millionaire, Scott & Gina Mote

Scott & Gina Mote,Isagenix


At 40 years old, Gina did not know if she would make it past 45. Her health was in shambles.

“I had a really challenged body and my health was a wreck,” she remembers. “Everything hurt. I felt defeated.”

A Fresh Outlook

Gina was looking into the idea of cleansing as a way to improve her health. In 2006, she met Carol, who introduced her to Isagenix.

Gina agreed to start a 30-Day System, complete with a cleanse, to see how it would benefit her body. Not only did she lose 4 dress sizes after using the products,* but her overall health also began to improve.

While initially unreceptive of Gina’s new discovery, her husband Scott eventually agreed to try Isagenix with her.

“I started three months after she did because you couldn’t argue with the results,” recalls Scott. “It was like I got a new wife. She was totally healthy and feeling good.”

In the following three months, Scott lost stubborn inches around his waist* and had returned to his college weight.

“I was very happy about that,” he shares. “I’m healthier at age 55 than I was at age 35.”

An Accidental Start

Even while Scott and Gina grew an appreciation for the products, the Idaho couple believed they had ruled out an Isagenix business.

“I slammed the door shut on an Isagenix business,” admits Gina. “I was busy, I had four kids and a scrapbooking business. Scott had a real estate business. We didn’t have time for that.”

The couple’s health success inspired Gina’s sister, Dee, to try the products. Unbeknownst to Scott and Gina, Dee had joined their team on one side of the business, and that side began to blossom.

Carol informed Gina that this leg had been building and she had a chance to start making significant residual income. Gina realized that if she did not enroll someone on her other leg, she would lose a financial opportunity.

“I immediately called Scott and asked if I could plug him in and he said yes,” says Gina. “The business started from there.”

The Path to Time Freedom

That same year, Scott and Gina attended their first Isagenix event: Celebration 2006.

“We got to talk with Jim and Kathy Coover face-to-face,” the couple remembers. “Just seeing the integrity and them onstage saying they feel this company is divinely inspired and that this is a gift we want to share with others. We felt like this was the right place for us.”

Sharing Success

The couple began to share the business opportunity that Isagenix offers with everyone they could. They now encourage their team to do the same.

“You never know who’s interested,” Scott says. Gina agrees, “We always tell 100 percent of people about the income opportunity. What you choose to do with it is up to you.”

Today, the now 4-Star Golden Circle, 2-Star Crystal Executives enjoy the time freedom they did not have before Isagenix. The two are able to travel and visit their children and grandchildren whenever they want.

The couple focuses on leading by example. They encourage their team to consider “what it is really worth to you and how much effort you are willing to put into it.”

Gina says they hope to ignite a “belief that’s founded so deep that it just drips right out of you.”

“I always tell people money is not the real compensation in life,” Scott adds. “It’s about what you contributed while you were here in this world and all the people you touched.”

*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 7 pounds (3.2 kg) during the first nine days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

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