Yoshiaki And Kyoko Kiguchi Become Zija’s Newest Black Diamond Distributors

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Zija International recently welcomed Yoshiaki and Kyoko Kiguchi into their prestigious Distributor Rank of Black Diamond.  This hardworking couple from Yokosuka, Japan has risen to one of the highest Ranks in the company in just four short years of being apart of Zija. When Zija Distributors reach the Rank of Black Diamond, they have demonstrated dedication and determination and have truly become leaders within the company. Here is Yoshiaki and Kyoko’s story:

We are honored to receive the Rank of Black Diamond.

We would like to thank our team members for sharing the same goal and walking towards that goal with me. We would also like to express our gratitude to Mr. & Mrs. Uemae for their strong support and to Mr. & Mrs. Kamijima for their kind leadership. We also owe our success to Mr. Karino who teaches us the right way of business and the right way of ourselves, to staff at customer service who try their best to support us. We thank all of you for doing what you do.

When we were introduced to Zija in December 2010, we immediately noticed the power of the product. We are thankful to the product because our family, especially our grandmother, was able to become much healthier. We believe Zija is the product people all over the world want.

Zija offers ‘Life Unlimited.’ It helps us solve all the problems we have. We believe Zija business is the key to truly saving the world.

Because this is human business that could touch people’s lives, it is never easy. However, because we are fortunate enough to find this wonderful opportunity Zija offers, it is our mission to continue our journey with joy and a purpose in life.

About Zija International

Zija International, a privately held and privately funded business founded by Kenneth E. Brailsford and run by Rodney Larsen, develops natural health, wellness, nutrition and fitness products. The company operates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Zija has seen consistent growth every year since it was founded over 9 years ago and was recently named the “Fastest-Growing Company in Utah” by Utah Business Magazine. It has also been recognized on fastest-growing and top-revenue lists by Inc. MagazineDirect Selling News, and Utah Valley Magazine, to name a few.

With corporate offices located in Lehi and more than 4 million sq. ft. of state-of-the-art warehouse, shipping and manufacturing facilities located in Utah, United States, Zija International employs more than 200 individuals and has the capacity to grow to more than two billion dollars in annual sales.




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