Foundation 4Life Continues Malaysia Relief Efforts

4Life CEO, Steve Tew


Severe flooding has displaced hundreds of thousands of people throughout Malaysia and Thailand. More than 100 4Life distributors in Malaysia have been affected by the catastrophe.

As reported by Newsweek, the North-eastern Malaysian states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang have been particularly hard hit. ABC News has described this as Malaysia’s worst flooding in decades, and attributes dozens of deaths to downpour and flash flooding.

With a 4Life office in Kota Baru, a city in the state of Kelantan, Foundation 4Life is teaming with corporate employees and distributors on the ground to provide immediate support.

4Life General Manager of Malaysia Cher Lyn Tan: “Electricity is down in most areas and water supplies are compromised. The entire region has been devastated; telephone lines are down and the city infrastructure is at risk. We know that the homes of 4Life distributors have been hit. Right now, a food supply channel is critical.”

In response to the natural disaster, employees and distributors joined at 4Life’s Petaling Jaya (PJ) office outside Kuala Lumpur to prepare food deliveries. So far, they have sent 850 kilograms (nearly 2,000 pounds) of canned food, bread, water, medicine, and other basic necessities via air transportation to Kota Baru. They are now working on a second shipment.

Director of Service and Foundation 4Life Tracie Kay: “Our advantage in these situations is that distributors empower us to mobilize quickly and respond.”

Platinum International Diamond Sheri Din has started a local donation drive. Worldwide distributors may donate through Foundation 4Life’s website, and 100% of all donations will go to this cause. “If you’ve been thinking about a final, year-end tax deductible donation,” Kay concludes, “this represents the last opportunity and will help those in greatest need.”

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