Fuxion Announces $80 Million In Sales In 2014 + 300%

Alvaro Benavides, Fuxion, CEO


Anticipates breaking $200 million in 2015

FuXion has experienced 300% growth, closing out 2014 at the $80 million mark.

The forecast for 2015 is to continue the expansion of the company in North and Central America.

In addition to fantastic leadership, the FuXion difference is the quality of the product, the cost-benefits, technology, and a passion for science.

“My passion was always focused on the development of the products. We have invested a lot of time, effort and money to ensure we have an array of products that cover many of the aspects of physical health and we still have much to do.

However, I have discovered an even greater passion for transformation, through true health.

We have transformed lives of businessmen, entrepreneurs, distributors, families, regions; and we will not stop until we have achieved a positive transformation of this continent, and our world”, said Alvaro Zúñiga, FuXion’s CEO.

Mr. Zúñiga went on to say, “FuXion stands for nutraceutical fusion, which is the combination of cutting edge biotechnology with ingredients and active substances of millenary Andean, Mesoamerican and Asian cultures.  We have more than 1500 bioactive principals and 5 patents, the most important being BioProtein+ with colostrum. 

With this fusion of our passion for scientific product development, incredible price points, and our fundamental dedication to improving lives, FuXion is a leader in the industry.  We will continue to bring true health to each and every person interested in being healthier, richer and happier,” he concluded.

In addition to continuing with its focus on the already existing products and markets, they have invested significantly in IT, a world class staff, cutting edge improvements and technology in their production facilities, as well as research and development infrastructure.

About Fuxion

Founding President and CEO Alvaro Zuñiga Benavides is specializing in Team Management with Focus on Management value chain, who has more than 20 years as an entrepreneur in the food and dairy industry. Has actively participated in the creation and development of several companies in commerce, manufacturing inputs and, most importantly, in the development of innovative products and services for the specialized nutrient sector.

Studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Lima, in Peru and obtained his MBA at the Universidad San Ignacio Loyola (Lima, Peru). Postgraduate studies at the Catholic University of Chile (Strategic Management), UC Berkeley (E-Business) and Harvard University (Negotiations)

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