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Shortly after celebrating the official launch of mynt at the No Limit Conference, Chief Marketing Officer Paul Muehlmann, Crowne Black Diamond Executive Steve Merritt, Presidential Black Diamond Executive Calvin Becerra, and Blue Diamond Executive Gem Morris took the buzz overseas.

During a tour that spread across 7 European countries in 10 days (January 16–26), the dynamic leaders wowed the crowds. Here are the main call-to-actions they left behind:

Build now for the 2015 European Momentum Convention and don’t come alone.
After the convention, build for the launch of mynt in Europe.   

Europe falls in love with mynt
The meetings in England, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, and Poland exceeded all expectations. Thousands of people across Europe showed up to hear for the first time about mynt, and how MonaVie plans to bring this new way of doing business—a business designed for everyone at every level—to Europe in the summer of 2015.

Everywhere mynt was presented in Europe, people fell in love with it. The crowds were thrilled with mynt’s vision of creating a world where people are empowered to share what they love and live life on purpose.

“The mynt vision to ‘Live Life On Purpose’ really fits the fun, caring, and outgoing European culture,” Steve said. “Everyone can’t wait for mynt to pre-launch at the European Convention.”

Building toward Madrid & mynt
The 2015 European Momentum Convention takes place in Madrid, Spain, on March 21–22, 2015. With the news about mynt pre-launching at this event and with Darren Hardy, publisher and founding editor of SUCCESS magazine, added as a keynote speaker, there are now more reasons for teams in Europe to attend and build toward the 2015 European Momentum Convention! And, one of main messages delivered during the tour was to not come alone to this major event.

 “A big mistake many make is deciding at the last minute to attend a major conference and going by themselves,” said Gem, who as 25 years of industry knowledge under his belt. “As they sit through the conference and get filled with new strategies and information and leave on an emotional high, they will find it impossible to convey that same emotion and excitement to their friends/family/distributors once they are back in their home town. They will have wasted a fantastic opportunity to rejuvenate their team.”

In the same vein, the only way teams in Europe can take full advantage of the mynt launch this summer is to build like crazy after the convention. Gem added that distributors in Europe need to continue to build in order to have an established and thriving business once mynt launches.

This key network marketing success tip can’t be overstated: the time in between events and launches is the time to build. At the event is where your hard work pays off.

Consumer-focused health & fitness products

At every stop, the team also emphasized that there is a shift happening in the direct selling industry and mynt is leading out in this change by 1) creating high-quality, consumer-focused health and fitness products that are priced to be competitive in the mainstream marketplace, 2) creating loyalty through the right expectations, and 3) lowering the entry barriers.

“There is an entirely new wave of promoters wanting to take part in this new way of doing business,” Calvin said. “I was excited to share with the teams in Europe the opportunity to build with a line of lifestyle products that are not only high quality, but have a price point that matches or beats the market. This new way of doing business is not about leading with the opportunity, but creating an inclusive environment where both business builders and customers can enter the same way and end up working together as one in the end.”

Italy Team

“Thousandaire” goal resonates in Europe
One message that really resonated in Europe was mynt’s goal to create 1 million “thousandaires.” This play on words means that mynt wants 1 million people to make an extra $1,000 a month. An extra $1,000 a month can change people’s lives by helping them get out of bankruptcy, pay their mortgage, take a vacation they could never afford, make a car payment, bring a spouse home from their job, etc.

Steve shared an inspiring story during the Europe tour that related exactly to this goal. When he first got involved with MonaVie he was just looking to make an extra $200 dollars a month to make up for his wife’s salary being cut at work. When he met and exceeded that goal, and his business started to accelerate, his focus changed to making enough money to bring his wife, Gina, home from work. By having the right expectations, you can set yourself up for success by building on your own success!

“Gina and I have seen many people get involved in our industry with unrealistic expectations when they first start,” Steve said. “mynt is really helping people understand that becoming successful at anything, whether it be business, sports, or a profession, takes time. The biggest mistake people can make is not giving themselves time to win. Because we got started with realistic expectations, we were just ecstatic as we started generating the income we have now.”

#myntmoments are going global

More than just having the right expectations, mynt is about giving back. The crowds in Europe were impressed to see that there was a direct correlation between giving back and success, as those who are leaders in mynt are also those who are posting #myntmoments to social media on a regular basis.

Simple #myntmoment ideas include:

Double your recipe for dinner and take the extra portion to a family in need.
Keep someone dry by giving them an umbrella.
Bring someone home by filling up their gas tank.
Help a new parent by donating a box of diapers.
Show your appreciation to your waiter/waitress by leaving them an extra-large tip.
Purchase new clothing or blankets for a homeless shelter.
Give a bouquet of flowers to someone who’s having a hard day.
Brighten up an underprivileged-child’s day with a toy.
Pay for someone’s meal in a restaurant.
Volunteer at an animal shelter.  

Calvin added, “We want people to not just focus on the money. Instead, lead with the product and focus on the intangibles: personal development and philanthropy. When people do this, the money follows. mynt is about living life on purpose, and it’s time for us to make a difference.”

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