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Jose Ardon, Organo Gold


Jose Ardon was born in Honduras, and is currently residing in Houston, USA is Organo Gold's first Crown Ambassador.

His team has expended all over the world and has 200,000 members.

His career earnings are over $16 million. Jose Ardon reached the Diamond rank in 7 months

Having to start working at a very early age Jose decided he did not want to work for someone else for the rest of his life. 5 years after he started network marketing, he did not see any results until he joined Organo Gold and followed a proven leader.

At the time he found out about OrGano Gold, Jose Ardon was looking for more than another “business opportunity.”  “I was looking for a mentor.” Jose said. “When I met Holton Buggs, I knew he was the leader I wanted to work with.That was the number one reason I joined.

Success, he says, is a matter of focus. When people get started in the business, he wants them to know and understand why they’re doing it. “We have to know where we’re going and what we want,” he said.

A great attitude also helps, which Jose contends is simply a matter of choice. “I choose how I want to think, what I want to think, and how I want to feel,” he said. “The number one priority in my life is to feel good all the time.”

Jose Ardon FamilyTed Nuyten had the honor to interview Jose Ardon.

Jose, you were born in Honduras, why did you came to the USA?

The reason I came to the United States was because I was born in a very poor place in Honduras, so poor that I owned my first pair of shoes at the age of 8. We worked in the farm having to walk 2 hrs in the morning and 2hrs to go back home.

I saw how hard my parents had to work so I grew up with the desire to help my family. I realized that the only way I can do that is by me coming to the United States. One of my dreams was to built a very nice house for my parents and buy them a truck.

How did you discover Network Marketing, I gues a friend invited you?

Somebody invited me to a business opportunity, there was about 800 people in the room. They introduced a speaker, and they said he was a millionaire. I couldn't believe it, at that time I was making $400 a week fixing air conditioners.  Although I didn't believe that he was a millionaire I made a decision to investigate if that was true.

I went to the convention to dallas Texas in 2004 and I realized that it was true, and there was a person in that convention took him 12 years to become a millionaire. That day I made the decision that I will become a millionaire or I will die trying but I will never give up.  I thought to myself if that person did it I can do it.

You were not succesfull in your first year, how came? Not acting as a pro?

I had no success my first year because when I started network marketing I was working air conditioning and doing network marketing part time. The reason I didn't sign up anyone in the first 18 months was because I had no skills talking to people  I didn't know anything, and my self-stem was very low.

That's when I decided to dedicate at least one hour a day reading books and listen to audiobooks. I was going to seminars every month and talking to people everyday. I knew that in order to become a millionaire I had to develop the skills.

Why are you success full with Organo Gold, what is your Secret?

In November 2005 I read the book Think and Grow Rich before reading that book the maximum I made In a year was $24,000. When I read the book I learned how to set goals, my income went from making $24,000 a year to over $100,000.   When I learned about setting goals I put that I wanted to make $100,000 a month.

I started to apply the principles taught in that book.  I realized that in order for me to achieve my goal I had to find a person who had done it before and was willing to teach me. I was looking for a mentor, and they say when the student is ready the teacher appears that's when I found Mr. Holton Buggs, my secret is that I have the opportunity to work with the #1 the industry of network marketing. So I became the number #1 student.  I told him what my goals were, and I told him I will do exactly what he told me to do. Indeed I went to do exactly what he told me to do. I was hungry I was ready and I took massive action.

Holton Buggs – Jose Ardon – Shane Morand

Holton Buggs - Jose Ardon - Shane Morand

Do you hve a lot of personal enrolles, or are you more selective who to sponsor?

I am very selective, I work with about 5 close people. When I work with somebody I look for 3 characteristics in a person. 1. If he is ambitious. 2. If he's teachable and 3. If he's willing to make changes. I learned if you want things to change you have change.  I am defining the next 5 people I will work with for the next 18 months.

If you have these 3 characteristics please contact me.

Organo Gold Convention

Organo Gold Convention

What kind of advice would you give a newbie in the network marketing industry?

Be prepared for a lot of rejection. Define your WHY and dedicate at least one hour a day to learn, and talk to people every single day.  Connect with somebody that has what you want, and do exactly what he tells you.

Suppose you had to start all over in MLM, what would you do different?

Nothing, I would do nothing different I would do exactly the same thing. Everything I have gone through including where I come from has made me the person I am today, and I am very grateful.

Contact details Jose Ardon:


Phone: (832)651-5340

Email: [email protected]

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