LIMU Promoters Justin And Kristina Martin Hit 750K Rank

Justin & Kristina Martin, LIMU


LIMU celebrates our newest Promoters reaching 750K, Justin and Kristina Martin from Louisiana, and congratulates them on achieving that leadership position after just 6 months of full-time work on their LIMU business.

Recently introduced as a brand new pin level at LIMU, achievement of the 750K rank demonstrates noteworthy Promoters who have not only significant personal achievement, but also outstanding stewardship and guidance of broad-based teams.

Justin and Kristina had just recently been married when they first heard about LIMU, and that first invitation came at a perfect time. Justin was only earning minimum-wage at a warehouse while Kristina was working as a nurse, and as Justin says, they were “living on love and Ramen noodles.”

After college graduation, Justin went on to two years of dental school, which didn’t leave much time for their LIMU business. In fact, for their first 3 ½ years, they could only work LIMU part-time. But not long ago, with a new baby on the way, Justin decided to devote all of his time to LIMU, and in just 6 months of full-time focus on the LIMU Experience, Justin and Kristina have reached the 750K rank.

“I’ve known Justin and Kristina for years, and I could see that they had a burning desire to create a better life for their family,” says Gary J. Raser, Founder, President and CEO of LIMU.

“They were young and struggling, without any industry experience, but they were willing to learn a different way to work. And that learning continues to this day, as they have not only qualified but have remained qualified for every rank they’ve achieved at LIMU since they joined. Even while enjoying the time freedom they’ve earned through their focused efforts, Justin has continued to build his LIMU business, and reaching one of our highest leadership levels is a truly significant milestone for them and their whole team. We are very honored to have the Martins as our newest 750K Promoters.”

About LIMU

Founded in 2004, and profitable and debt-free from day one, Gary J. Raser created LIMU to help struggling families change their financial futures and stop living paycheck to paycheck. Providing entrepreneurs with exclusive and proprietary Fucoidan-rich products made in the USA, this leading direct sales company also offers each person a unique opportunity to create their personal LIMU Experience and Be more. Award-winning branding and marketing materials support LIMU Promoters, and state-of-the-art technology platforms make it easy for Promoters to share the LIMU Experience and build strong global businesses. With over 1,200 independent, third-party, unsolicited studies on its super-nutrient Fucoidan – available on – the company is the acknowledged category-creator and worldwide leader for LIMU products.

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