ASEA Achieves Scientific Breakthrough With Clinical Studies

Charles Funke CEO ASEA


ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health, today announced findings from two clinical studies that demonstrated its RENU 28® skin gel improves the skin renewal process and increases blood flow in the skin.

In the skin renewal study, participants applied RENU 28 to one forearm daily for two weeks. A fluorescent dye was applied to the RENU 28 forearm and to the control forearm to measure cell renewal. Each forearm was then photographed under UV light and quantified over the course of 11 days. Results of the study data show that there was approximately a 16 percent faster skin renewal rate on the forearm treated with RENU 28.

A typical skin renewal cycle is 28 to 42 days, but this study found that with RENU 28, the skin renewal cycle was shortened to 24 to 36 days, said Dr. Thomas Stephens, the study Investigator. Having a shortened skin renewal cycle with RENU 28 could significantly impact both overall skin appearance and health.

Researchers also evaluated the impact of RENU 28 on blood flow in the skin. For this study, participants applied RENU 28 to one forearm morning and evening. Microcirculation to the skin on each arm was measured with a laser Doppler immediately after RENU 28 application, then again at one and three hours after a single application, 48 hours, and 96 hours. Data revealed continued increase in blood flow at each point and approximately a 55 percent increase at 96 hours after twice daily use.

In addition to a shortened skin renewal cycle, data revealed that RENU 28 also significantly increases blood flow with twice daily use, continued Dr. Stephens. These findings are compelling because increased blood flow can have a significant impact on countless dermatologic conditions.

The studies were conducted by researchers from Stephens and Associates, a global leader in dermatological research. The studies were led by Thomas Stephens, PhD, and Lily Jiang, PhD.

We already knew that RENU 28 improves wrinkles and overall skin appearance, but these new data points add even more evidence to support the impact and value of RENU 28, said Charles F. Funke, ASEA Chief Executive Officer. ASEA is proud to have harnessed the power of redox signaling molecules in the RENU 28 skin gel and is committed to providing RENU 28 to consumers through our network of associates.


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ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health, is dedicated to providing a sustainable lifestyle by delivering high-quality cellular health products through a principle-based, direct-selling distribution model. Harnessing science, ASEA offers first-to-market products that utilize molecules native to the human body that enhance vital cellular functions. ASEA's cornerstone, patented redox signaling technology boosts the body's natural cellular renewal and communication processes, improving total body health and allowing every system of the body to function better. Currently, redox signaling technology is available in two first-to-market products: ASEA® Redox Supplement, the company's flagship liquid supplement, and RENU 28®, a revitalizing whole-body skin gel. Founded in 2010, ASEA currently operates in the United States and 24 international markets. For more information about ASEA products or the accompanying business opportunity, visit

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