Antonio De Rosa Elected As Senior Vice President Of Wor(l)d Media & Technology Corp

Antonio De Rosa,Wor(l)d,SVP


Major news in the world of technology and multi-level marketing: Antonio De Rosa, CEO of Socialmatic LLC and creator of the Socialmatic Camera, has joined Wor(l)d Media & Technology Corp. ( as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication, bringing his internationally recognized creativity , design, marketing and communication skills to Wor(l)d.

With this appointment, Wor(l)d affirms itself as one of the most innovative company in the multi-level marketing sector. De Rosa's arrival suggests some very important developments lie ahead for the company, which may be announced to the principal leaders of Wor(l)d during the Diamond Life Tour in Istanbul from July 23 to 27.

Antonio joins Wor(l)d Media & Technology Corp. at an important time for the company, following the success of Space LUMINA smart glasses, the first to operate without links to any other devices. Launched in May of this year, more than 2,000 pairs of Space Lumina have been sold already. LUMINA glasses deliver a high quality, wireless, infotainment experience using cutting-edge technology. With a high-resolution, widescreen binocular display, and built-in stereo sound, the devices at only xxgrams is light and easy to wear.

Winner of the Photokina Star Awards 2014 and the Innovation Award 2015 at the CES in Las Vegas, the most important technology fair in the world, Antonio is well known in the sector for many of his futuristic product concepts, having correctly predicted the arrival of the Apple Watch in 2010. He has also predicted the arrival of many other technologies and innovative devices in his designs and drawings, which have been published in some of the most prominent magazines in the world.

Antonios profile went global when he invented the Socialmatic Camera, licensed to Polaroid PLR Holding, the first Instant Digital Smart Camera that was created through an agreement with Polaroid. His creative career started at a young age, when he worked in the world of video games, taking up various roles such as graphic designer and project manager.

He completed his studies with a Masters in Communication and Marketing specialling in Creative Direction,.  He subsequently  worked for major agencies in Italy, the U.S. and Asia, taking up various positions  as Senior Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Art Director.

His expanded his experience by getting involved in several international campaigns in the IT field where he also continued to develop his passion for industrial design, creating products for  smart phones producers, , hi-fi systems and home entertainment kits.

“Joining Wor(l)d is a wonderful challenge,” Antonio said. “And to do so at such an important time—just after the launch of LUMINA, really raises my adrenaline levels. I can’t wait to be able to contribute to the entire project. I already have lots of new concepts in mind and with Wor(l)d’s  top class people and proven capabilities, I look forward to bringing new product concepts to market!”

“I discovered network marketing quite early on,” said Antonio. “and I became a specialist in the area of marketing and communication for many established MLM companies based on my experience with social networks, relationship marketing and community building.”

“Antonio’s arrival at Wor(l)d is part of our management development strategy  and is consistent wjth the company’s vision: to become the first global network built by people to connect and communicate, sharing the benefits,” said Wor(l)d CEO Fabio Galdi.

“Antonio capabilities allows us to unite our in-house design, marketing and new technology strengths with knowledge of the network marketing sector.”

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