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Ahuva Simone ASEA


Canadian Direct Sales veteran Ahuva Simone has joined ASEA, the Cellular Health company.  Ahuva was a top earner at Nikken and was recently featured in our list  of Top 200 Worldwide Earners In MLM – March 2015.

Ahuva’s estimated monthly earnings at the time of publishing our list was $100,000. Ahuva has been in the business world for the past 40 years, and is also a highly successful real estate broker in Toronto, Canada.

The idea of a balanced lifestyle along with the reality of residual income possible in Direct Sales attracted Ahuva to the industry.

She says My real estate firm was highly reputable. I served on boards and committees in my industry. It was difficult to imagine someone in my position doing network marketing. But I discovered that this industry is filled with serious and successful people who have integrity.

Productive activity, commitment and compassion have propelled Ahuva to success, and she has been an example for thousands who have joined her successful global team. 

“The more you give and help others, the more you’ll get in return. I am grateful for the opportunity given me to achieve in my life and help others to do the same worldwide. We are in the business of relieving those suffering from stress – both physically and financially. Network Marketing has the solution and a future for everyone everywhere.

ASEA Founders Verdis and Tyler Norton, ASEA CEO Chuck Funke, and ASEA President Jarom Webb extend a warm welcome to Ahuva and look forward to partnering with her to create success around the globe. 

Get more information, facts and figures about ASEA, click here for the ASEA overview.

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