What Work-Life Balance Looks Like For Visalus’ Brett and Jessica Boyer

Brett and Jessica Boyer,Visalus


Like many Vi Promoters, life before The Challenge for Brett and Jessica Boyer was overwhelming and frenetic.

“We were overworked, trading time for money and developing horrible eating habits as a result of our hectic schedules,” says Brett, who worked as a mortgage consultant and additionally owned three side businesses.

Jessica was busy working 12-hour days in a salon as a hair stylist, where she devoted herself to her clientele. The two almost never saw one another and when they did, they were left exhausted and uninspired. For years they dreamed of a different kind of life. Then came Vi and The Challenge in 2010.

“Being on The Challenge is easy and rewarding,” says Jessica, adding, “Not only has Vi transformed our health, but also our lifestyle.”

The couple is much more health conscious now that they understand how much diet affects not only weight gain, but energy and confidence as well. They have successfully incorporated Vi products into nutritious meals plans that include daily Vi-Shape® Shakes, smart snacking with Vi Bites™ and of course, NEON Energy Drink® for a boost.

Apart from enjoying improved health and fitness, the Boyers now own their own time and make their own rules when it comes to work-life balance.

“After a short period working part-time with Vi, we were both able to walk away from our very lucrative full-time ‘jobs,’” says Brett. “We found we were able to earn so much more and make a greater impact working part-time rather than working around the clock and sacrificing precious personal time. We continue to build our empire and help others achieve their own goals.”

That empire is now worth over $1 million. And the Boyers have supported thousands of Promoters and tens of thousands of Customers in the process of reaching this financial milestone.

“Whatever your path in life, know you can change it with the right vehicle—with ViSalus,” says Brett. “We are living proof.”

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