Wor(l)d Is Preparing For The Big Event In Istanbul In July. Exclusive Interview With Walter Presutti.

Walter Presutti,SVP,Wor(l)d


The past year he has made more than 10 times the kilometers of world tour by announcing, often in preview in larger events organized network, WOR(l)D's projects and business.
This is the identikit of Walter Presutti Company SVP International Network Development led by Fabio Galdi.
From a few days Presutti is engaged in a full program of events preceding the Diamond Life Tour which will take place in Istanbul from July 23 to July 27.
And to welcome him in Kuwait on 29 and 30 May were hundreds of people and same there will be in the next stages in Guadalupe, in Russia in Krasnoyarsk and Yukutsk.

Business for Home interviewed Presutti to have a preview of some news that will be presented to the events.

Mr Presutti there are great expectations in the world of network marketing for Diamond Life Tour of Istanbul. What are the rules in order to qualify?
We remind you the main rules of qualification : 3 times Diamond (or higher qualification), 2 (twice)times Gold Director or Platinum Director (or higher qualification) and 1(once) Diamond Director (or higher qualification).
The deadline to get your qualification is July 7.

Why it is important to qualify and participate in the Istanbul Diamond Life Tour?
For 5 good reasons : assert your leadership, expand your network by confronting the best leaders, the essence of the lifestyle, meet the management of the Company and ,above all ,get a preview of the new products and innovations of our business.
This time I assure you that the news we will present are even more extraordinary.

Would you share with us one of there?
I can not say too much, but we will launch a new system of work and organization of the network and will be announced the route that the Company intends to follow over the coming years, ensuring growth and stability of the network.
The great success achieved by the Company, for the sale of the Lumina, then opens the way for the presentation of new Mission and Vision and new products.

World in a few years has become a major company in the network marketing industry and your compensation plan is considered one of the best on the market. Why?
World owes its success to the value we give to ethics and work in teams.
Our payplan is the best balance between floors of the main companies and induces the correct behavior.

What are the key points to become a successful professional in the world of network marketing?
Listen and implement the suggestions of the Sponsor Tutoring, which has a great responsibility to transfer his knowledge and skills and have a great capacity for organization.
Take full advantage of the extraordinary provision of the Company with the Power Start, which traces the route to follow with tenacity and determination.

Why i's so important to be involved in the World project ?
World is an international Company that looks to the future and new technologies in an integrated, responsible and innovative way, and at the heart of its projects are the people, making them pioneers and protagonists of change.

You are one of the companies more attentive to the value of training their future leaders and have also launched the Academy. Why?
Formation spreads the awareness of being part of one of the projects more participatory and innovative as ever, a new way to make and create economy: network marketing.
The academy is the instrument that gives everyone the unique opportunity to become professionals and entrepreneurs of the new generation.
The academy allows you to acquire new skills and expertise to participate in an active and conscious Wor(l)d's projects and lead the field of new technologies.

What are the main features that distinguish the world from other network marketing companies?
Surely innovation, participation and involvement of people representing the protagonists, the soul of the WOR(l)D projects, but at the same time we offer the unique opportunity to become real professionals of the new generation, successful entrepreneurs in the network marketing world.

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