Nikken Closes Down 14 International Markets

Kurt Fulle, Nikken


According to a german message from CEO Kurt Fullen and President Ben Woodward to certain field leaders, Nikken is closing down 14 international markets as those markets account for only 6.1% of our global sales …..

The countries closing down are Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Finland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Norway, Ukraine and Spain. It affects 10 thousands of distributors who are now looking for a new home:

The google translastion of the German Message:

Nikken is celebrating the achievement of a very special milestone: its 40th anniversary. This is in many ways a very significant event. On the one hand an occasion to pause to reflect, and to consider the most important things new in our lives. But this anniversary should also be an incentive to us to embrace change and letting go of the things that are not conducive to our goals in order to create more space for the things that will help us to more growth.

However, changes can only be made if we agree with them and are prepared to take the necessary steps as well. We have to deal with the dilemma that most people are afraid of changes and at the same time look forward to it. They hope that the changes magically occur while everything remains the same – that is, they prefer to wait on. And wait. And that's the status quo.

But Nikken does not strive for the status quo. Our mission is to change the status quo, as we strengthen our faith in and make changes in the focus. Finally Nikken is itself the product of changes. Magstep®, the invention can recharge your batteries with the millions of people with fatigue syndrome, in 1975 inspired by the vision to change lives and helping people. It is precisely this vision is after we live and work and will help us in the coming decades to further growth ever since.

In addition to our firm conviction that changes releasing positive energy, we also rely on simplicity: In this particular year, we are symbolic of a mountain and look in all directions, in the past, the present and the future. Simplicity makes the head, body and the soul free and paves the way for all of us new adventures and opportunities.

And Nikken stands this year in front of some very exciting changes.

• Simplified product range: We will simplify our product portfolio to provide our strengths targeted to the fore. Currently ensure only 20 products for 50% of our sales, while a total of 60 products enable 80% of our turnover. These figures are a clear sign that we should separate ourselves from products that are no longer in demand. Similarly, we should add new products to our range, which better meet the needs of our customers. By removing products which Nikken is only marginally present on the market, and by the increased focus on successes we liberate resources that we can strengthen the core categories and longer establish a better product offering. This approach will continue to support the key actions for Quality and Enrolment Autoship.

Focus on successful markets: For the rest of the year, Nikken will focus exclusively on the successful markets, which are responsible for nearly 95% of our turnover. This strategy is based on the main regions of North America, Europe and Latin America.

Those markets, which account for only 6.1% of our global sales, however, require considerably more resources are repelled. This is for Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Finland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Norway, Ukraine and Spain. By simplifying, we will increase our overall effectiveness significantly, strengthen Nikken in its core and implement our corporate promise to changes better..

• Further promotion of 'Humans Being More': Nikken is the training to improve Humans Being More (HBM) to reflect our core philosophy better. The new HBM training model revolves around the continual personal development. It will be available online and offer various learning methods, including Video support, downloads for your perusal, quizzes, online forums, podcasts, webinars, live presentations at events and activities at local meetings and personal training under the guidance of senior executives.

In the coming weeks and months, we will also publish a new app, registered with the mobile devices over people, set up their Autoship and their first orders may be placed – all in one complete package! Soon the new online training Nikken will also be available soon! Nikken will make all consultants in its exclusive training program class materials. Last but not least: We will unlock a new and improved website, with improved pWPS and great new products for 2015th

The new plan for Nikken is already being implemented. We want Quality enrollments improve and simplify the procedures to allow the sale of 500 points Personal Volume per month – which accounts for at least 100 points in Personal Autoship. We will do this by negotiating an even stronger and more urgent message to our mission Humans Being More '. This is also reflected in our strategy to simplify our company and even easier to pave the way successes. We remove obstacles, clearing distractions out of the way and go on a straight path towards the future – this is the security for each new employee Nikken for optimal conditions for success.

Although the restructuring makes some of discomfort, we believe in the accuracy of this strategic measures and the fact that it will strengthen our employees, our product range and our future. The most progressive and most successful corporations in the world know that letting go – and not holding – often leads to realize our unlimited potential.

Anyway things stand, on one thing at all times relied on: changes. Let us at this stage of adjustment jointly strive to do our best, safe in the knowledge that our best in the next moment may change again. We are all pillars that have enough force to strengthen the other and support. In this exciting time of change, we should always keep in mind how we can contribute as individuals to a more positive and fulfilling their corporate environment that stands for balance and joy now and in the future.

Kurt Fulle – Ben H. Woodward

CEO & C.E.O. President

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