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Unicity, Scott Jordan


Unicity's Scott Jordan is one of the newest President’s Club members, and we’re so happy to have him! His father is Rick Jordan, the very first North American distributor to reach Crown Diamond status here at Unicity. Scott is following in his father’s very successful footsteps to build his own business for himself and his wife. We interviewed Scott to see what he has to say about his Unicity experience, and offer any words of advice he has for setting and reaching goals and success.

“I decided to join Unicity after seeing the success that my father had in the business. When I became old enough to have my own distributorship, my father advised me to join. During my youth and since then, my life was change using the products. I knew that between the success my father had in the business and the success I had using the products, that this was something I should invest my time in.

My life has changed dramatically since joining Unicity. First, my health is in better condition than ever before. Second, I am beginning to experience financial freedom at age 22. My new wife and I can spend the time that we want together and I have the time to dedicate to my education without the worry of paying for that education.

My first advice that I give to my members upon entering the business is to never quit. If the business doesn’t grow as fast as you would like, don’t quit! I’ve seen what can happen in my fathers business and now my own from being dedicated and staying committed. In a business like this, if you stay consistently committed to the system and never quit, you’ll be successful.

The secrets to my success aren’t really secrets, it is all a matter of just doing what you’ve committed to do. The are no real secrets. You just do it! A positive attitude and a smile go a long way.

Besides successful advancement and promotions, my health and family benefits from Unicity. My health is able to be consistently better than ever before, which is a lot more fun than having poor health as I faced during my childhood obesity. My wife and I can have a lot more fun together with relief from a lot of the financial barriers that many of our peers face.

My next goal is to reach the next rank of Presidential Sapphire and of course continue on from there. I will reach it by continuing with the proven system that has gotten me to where I am at now and teaching others how to do what I have done.

My family is quite big, I am the seventh of eight children. It is a lot of fun having a large family, especially when we all get together. We like to goof off and be out doors. I married my wife six months ago and we love anything active. We met each other while we were serving missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Perth, Australia. We began dating after returning home. It has been a huge blessing to have that experience to share with each other.

I love anything outdoors, especially that has to do with water. I grew up close to the beach and love surfing and spear fishing. Any chance I can get, I love to be in the water. Since reaching my optimum health, I enjoy trail running, cycling and pretty much anything that pushes me to something I’ve never done before.”


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