Chris Atkinson – Ambit Energy From Broke To Top Earner

Chris Atkinson, Ambit Energy


Top Earner Steve Thompson stated about Chris Atkinson:

He was the first person I called after signing up for Ambit Energy. Matter of fact after I left the Ambit office I called Chris from my car. He actually hung up on me πŸ™‚

Chris was 38 years old, broke, living with his parents and trying to find a way to a better life. He was hungry for a change and willing to put forth the effort and became teachable and coachable.  He joined the business one day after seeing the presentation and finding one person that would lend him the startup cost.

I have to tell you he did not let his past stop his future. You see, Chris had been in and out of jail his entire adult life because of alcohol and drugs. He wanted to change!  He knew that if there was a change to happen, HE had to be the change.

After just one week in the business, he hit his initial goal. It was a simple goal of buying a soccer ball for his son. This was how bad off Chris was and needed a change.  He didn’t even have enough money to buy a soccer ball.  And then one week later, on his birthday, he went to show the plan to a lady that literally had zero free time. 

She liked the opportunity but time was the issue.  He stated to her that he would do most of the work in the beginning to help and so she joined.  This person he sponsored is Debbie, now Debbie Atkinson, talk about a match made in Ambit!  You see in the beginning Debbie was working back to back 8 hour shifts as a RN, but within 6 months she was able to retire her nursing career a decade early. 

Chris asked her to marry him at our 2nd company convention and they were married on December 31st 2008. 

Debbie and Chris Atkinson

Now this couple truly enjoys life!  Together they have 3 sons, Bobby, Joseph and Ryan.  All three of them are Executive consultants in their business and are set up for financial freedom.  They take it serious about this being a family business.  They all do meetings and trainings together, and of course, 2 Family vacations each year.

Chris stated:

“Yes we do enjoy life and we enjoy helping people. You see our motto is very simple, ‘People Helping People Achieve Their Dreams.’  So what does that mean?  Well, we now have helped 10 people in our organization become Millionaires and have helped thousands retire early, pay off debt, go on vacations and remove stress from their lives.  You see that’s helping people.  So 3 ½ years for us to reach a Million Dollars in earnings and another 3 ½ to reach 5 Million Dollars. 

Now we continue to do what we have always done as we see the future is much brighter than the past.  We wake up each morning, give thanks and then begin to reach out to others to see how we can be of service to them.  We never have expected anything to be handed to us.  We believe in work and we truly believe in Helping People.”

In less than 9 years our organization as expanded into every market that Ambit does business in, we are just weeks away from hitting 100,000 consultants and yet again what we know best is the future is brighter than the past.

Recently we released our first book titled “It’s Never Too Late”, Creating the life of your dreams.  It’s available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Readers Legacy and other fine online outlets.  In this book we share our life stories, we hold nothing back and let you into our lives.  We then teach you what we have done and what we believe is the most important step in becoming successful in MLM and in Life. 

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