Meet ForeverGreen 1-Stars, Vincenzo & Maricris Cammareri

ForeverGreen, Vincenzo & Maricris Cammareri, 1 Star


Vincenzo & Maricris Cammareri were first introduced to the direct selling industry in October 2013. They participated in their first opportunity meeting with a well-known company in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Vincenzo and Maricris learned a lot their first year within the industry, however they did not achieve the results they had anticipated.

After learning from a trusted colleague about important key factors to look for in a network marketing company, they felt impressed to look for fresh experiences and a brand new start.

After meeting Ron Williams at a ForeverGreen event in the Dominican Republic, they knew they’d found the company and opportunity they had been searching for and were immediately onboard with the ForeverGreen culture, philosophy and vision.

“We feel excited to be a part of a solid company with rapid growth and amazing products. We align with the company’s vision and its mission and enjoy working with leadership that is willing to teach you how to build a huge, successful organization. There is a sense of family that you feel when you’re a part of ForeverGreen and we love the proven step-by-step system that allows anyone to build a residual business. We found it all in ForeverGreen!”

Since they joined the company, it has been their experience that company’s health-oriented culture and great products, like PowerStrips and BeautyStrips, are what really attract prospects to ForeverGreen, making it easy to talk about their experiences with the products, the lifestyle and financial opportunities that come from joining the company. They love sharing the products and this message with others.

It is their belief and dream that one day, ForeverGreen will represent the largest community in the world, sharing a unified vision about health, nutrition and good habits that will create an improved quality of life for every country in the world.

“We’d like to thank every single person who has made it big in this industry, allowing us to dream and build a better future for our family and our community. Also, we’d like to thank Ron Williams for his inspiration and our incredible sponsors, Joel Medina and Chris Marcano, for being our teachers, mentors and friends along the way. We are only at the beginning of our journey and are enjoying every minute!”

About ForeverGreen

ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes an expansive line of all natural whole foods and products to more than 200 countries around the world, including their new global offerings, PowerStrips, Solar Strips and Beauty Strips, a series of Farmers Market products and a personal development program.


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