Ryan Kunj– Ambit Energy- From Doctor To 6 Figure Income Earner

Dr. Ryan Kunj, Ambit Energy


Dr. Ryan Kunj is a Doctor of Pharmacy by profession. Although a health care professional by trade, he is an entrepreneur by heart having a background in real estate.

Being a doctor of pharmacy has enabled him to touch and improve people’s health, but his role as a consultant with Ambit Energy has helped him improves people’s bank accounts. Ryan understood that making a 6 figure income working at a hospital was great, but he also understood that his income was as good as his last paycheck.

He realized that the second he stopped working, his 6 figure income would plummet to zero. Ambit found Dr. Ryan Kunj by a chance occurrence in his life. A stranger randomly approached Ryan and handed him a card that said “Every time someone turns on the light, I get paid, ask me how.”  It took that stranger four follow up calls (!) to get Ryan’s attention to even take a look at it. When he finally looked at the business, it became obvious that Ambit was a financial vehicle that would allow his to pursue his bliss in life. 

Ryan also attributes his success as a consultant to one of his early mentors: Steve Thompson. Thanks to Steve getting Ambit Energy moving very early on, her has become financially free.

Ryan’s Kunj passion in life is to do what he wants, when he wants, wherever he wants, however he wants, with whomever he wants to. In other words his core driver in life is to live a life he chooses, and not a life that others would create for him. Dr. Ryan said “. I have always had a problem with someone else controlling my financial destiny. Entrepreneurs don’t want anyone to tell them WHEN to be at work in the morning, WHEN to take a lunch break and WHEN to go home to spend time with their family.

The very idea of someone putting a value on my time CRIPPLES me inside. I feel that when people go to work for someone else, their boss puts a value on their time and their life. If your being paid $15 a hour, your worth $120 that day. Your worth $600 that week. We as individuals feel that we have infinite self-worth and rightly so.

In other terms we as individuals are priceless. I feel very strongly that when you work really hard to make someone else’s dreams come true they place a value on your life, and you are rendered to have a limited value. I feel that success is a choice, and with Ambit Energy as my vehicle I make that choice every single day and give myself infinite value.”

Ambit Energy Consultants

Ryan’s goal is to help others in the direct selling industry to be able to enjoy the same level of freedom in their lives as he has enjoyed.  Inside of his company Ambit Energy, he is known as a prolific trainer. He has trained thousands of consultants to find success through regional live trainings and national conference calls. He also never hesitates to take time out of his schedule to help others regardless of team affiliation. He is a big believer that you should always look to add value to other people’s lives without expecting anything in return.   

The residual income stream Ambit Energy has provided Ryan has allowed him to travel the world worry free. He is known throughout Ambit Energy as a world traveler. He has traveled to just about every major Caribbean island, and a mass majority of the top beaches in the world. He is also very well known for his love of cruises and more importantly his love of enjoying life. Dr. Ryan believes that life is precious and since time is limited you have to be very careful where you spend it, and who you spend it with. Ryan has always dreamed of living a life worth living and that has finally become a reality for him thanks to Ambit Energy.

Dr. Ryan has attributed a large amount of his success in the industry to his first and only direct selling company: Ambit Energy.  He was quoted saying

“Ambit Energy has been such a tremendous success because of the fundamental concept it has been built on. Other direct selling companies approach their customers, ask them to pull their wallets out, and spend money.

As Ambit Energy Independent Consultants we ask customers to keep their wallets in their pocket, spend NO UPFRONT MONEY and we even put some money back in their pockets by giving them the opportunity to save money on a bill they have to pay anyway, their electric bill. This business just makes common sense.” 

Dr. Ryan was able to fast track to Regional consultant, fast track to Senior consultant, and rapidly promote to Executive Consultant which is a position that ranks him in the top tenth of 1 % of the company. He has become a major leader in Ambit Energy, and has created enough success to be featured on national publications like Success from Home Magazine.  Dr. Ryan says that his personal success was created by being very deliberate in his actions and being very clear on what his goals are.

Ryan is quoted as saying “If you move at random, you will get random results.” 

Contact details Ryan Kunj:

Phone (516) 362-0045 or

Email [email protected]

Website is www.Cashflow101.energy526.com

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