Amibit Energy’s Thomas O’Grady Shares Perspective On Deregulation Of Energy

Ambit Energy, Thomas O'Grady, PhD


Thomas O’Grady, PhD, received his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley in Mathematical and Statistical Economics. What a great background to expertly evaluate the opportunity at Ambit Energy.

He knew the financial side and underpinnings of companies and how to achieve personal success. Highly regarded for his analysis, he advised a lot of major corporate CEOs and built several companies of his own and was asked to head a major international automotive company. Importantly here, he valued highly the importance of multiple streams of income and passive income.

His top rated podcast in iTunes and other networks, Life Unsettled, gives advice to well over 100,000 people per month on personal and business success. While it never mentions any company and can be applied to any business or person, it is used by many to educate their teams.

Just over 7 years ago, a friend sent him the information about Ambit Energy. His friend knew the kind of person he was and how much he would examine this opportunity. Ambit Energy was clear to him as something worth time and effort to build a business. His economic background was well suited to understand exactly this issue of deregulation.

He taught economics to students at UC Berkeley and would get the question “why do we need to study monopolies? There isn’t any need for them now.” He would ask, what about the electric market. You can’t have multiple companies running wires down the street. Well, when it was introduced, he immediately saw that the way Texas implemented the deregulation of energy was perfect.

They separated the generation of electricity. But then, the incumbent companies could still have monopolistic control unless they separated the sale to the consumer, which they did. Ambit Energy was one that did and had put together a strong team to lead it.

So, here was really a huge new market and deregulation makes economic sense.

Whether from the stage or on his podcast, he tells people to burst through the start of any business realizing the importance of sacrifice. The sacrifice in time you make now, is similar to the compounding of interest when you are building your savings. You are building your future. He reminds people that with the recent advances in medicine they need sources of income, yes multiple, for retirement that may last until 90+ years of age. 

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About Ambit Energy

Ambit was established in 2006 with one simple goal in mind: to be the finest and most-respected retail energy provider in America.

To that end, the Ambit team has built an award-winning customer care center, as well as great relationships with energy partners, consultants and customers alike. The strategy is working. Ambit was named the fastest-growing private company in the country for 2010 by Inc. Magazine, and has already surpassed milestones of one million customers and $1 billion in annual sales. 

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