Amway Chairman Visits Russia To Commemorate 10th Anniversary

Steve Van Adel


Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel recently visited Russia to commemorate the affiliate’s 10th anniversary. His visit included a series of employee meetings, Amway Business Owner (ABO) events and conversations with government officials and business leaders.

Amway Russia has much to celebrate since launching in 2005. In a relatively short period of time, it has become the sixth largest market for our global enterprise and continues to show resiliency and promise, despite recent political unrest and economic slowdowns in the region.

The largest selling category for the market is home care, followed by personal care, nutrition and beauty. Nearly a third of all ABOs are under the age of 35. Amway Russia also has become a champion of entrepreneurship—especially women empowerment, as more than 80 percent of the market’s ABOs are female.

One of their local efforts to support women is the Mother Entrepreneur Project, aimed at women with families who want to start a business. The project supports business education programs and grants throughout five regions across the country. More than 500 women have participated in the program with more than 200 receiving small grants to help them start businesses.

The 2014 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report shows that 70 percent of those surveyed in Russia felt positive toward entrepreneurship. Combine that with a decade of experience, momentum and passion, plus a commitment to helping people get into business for themselves, and Amway Russia can only be headed for another 10 years of success.

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