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Lynval Evans from Meriden, Connecticut, USA is one of Ambit Energy's top leader, this is what he had to say about his network marketing journey:

For 13 years I was working as a production manager. I was trapped working 60+ hours a week on a 3rd shift schedule.

As the manager on the 3rd shift, it was very stressful because I had all the issues that were left behind by the other shifts.  I was ambitiously working long hours so that I could save enough money to invest in real estate.

My long hours sometimes carried on into the wee hours of the night. Then, in April 2013 I was asked by my best friend Howard to support him as a customer. Two months after being a satisfied customer, I asked Howard about this business that he was involved in, as I was curious about earning free energy.

After seeing the business opportunity I immediately enrolled as his first consultant on June 24 of 2013. It took me about 6 weeks to reach my first promotion as Regional Consultant.

That year, as I was encouraged too by National Consultant Chanan Oxenhandler & EC Robert Kissos, I went to Ambition 2013 and it was a life changing event. With all the training that i had at Ambition 2013, within 30 days I promoted to Senior Consultant.

Building my Ambit business was very challenging because as a manager i was not allowed to share any other opportunities to my employees due to company policies. At nights on my lunch break i would make phone calls and invite guest for a one on one meeting at coffee shops or lunch.

I would sacrifice sleep during the days whenever i had a guess to take a look at the business opportunity. After working my business part time for one year I knew this business would change my financial future forever. I decide to commit to my vision to success and build my Ambit business full time.

As I grew my business I made new friends and it was then that I realized I enjoyed creating a positive impact in people's lives. I felt that this is what God has chosen me to do to help others. I resigned from my company of 13 years after working my Ambit business for one year on a part time basis.

I never looked back, all the obstacles and the disappointments with family and friends I kept moving because of my strong Why! My why is my beautiful wife Delorna and 3 kids Zachary, I'shawn and my daughter Amelia. When i look at my vision board, thanks to Ambit I'm now in able to attend my son Zachary's football games in the evening, eat dinner with my family, sleep beside my wife at nights and take my daughter Amelia to school in the mornings.

I wouldn't be able to make it this far without God giving me the strength and wisdom to accomplish my dreams. I want to thank my Mentor EC Robert Kissos and the great support of the team. I also want to thank my five SC's, Melita Morris, Fayola Evans, Fatos Bella, Danesa Webb and Ibezimako Nmebgu for believing in the system and the opportunity.

I am looking forward to the next phase and to keep on supporting and helping others accomplish their goals.

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