Melaleuca Rings In 2016 With New Products

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At January Launch 2016, thousands of Melaleuca customers across North America cheered as they got their first glimpse of several new Melaleuca products. As is the case with all of Melaleuca’s 450-plus products, these newcomers were researched, developed, and manufactured without compromise.

They were produced using only the safest, highest quality ingredients and best science. Here’s a look at each one:

New Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee
A collection of fine, flavorful, masterfully roasted coffee blends sourced from the finest coffee regions of the world, Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee is not your average cup of joe: This is coffee with altitude. The exact location of Mountain Cabin farms, and the genetic makeup of our coffee beans are highly guarded secrets ensuring a steady supply exclusively for Melaleuca customers.

Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee is crafted with age-old artistry and state-of-the-art quality control—and it’s ground and packaged within minutes of roasting for ultimate freshness and flavor. Enjoy the Mountain Cabin quality in seven delicious varieties: Organic Signature Blend, Organic Rainforest Blend, Kona Blend, Hazelnut, Vanilla, 100% Colombian Decaf, and Hazelnut Decaf. Select blends are also available in single-serve cups.

New Mountain Cabin Specialty Drinks
Whether you’re curling up with a good book, winding down on the porch swing, or gearing up for a big day, these drinks have all of the rich, decadent gourmet flavors and aromas that make ordinary moments extraordinary.

These delectable single-serve specialty drinks come in three warm, inviting, irresistible flavors: Caramel Apple Cider, Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa, and Luxe Vanilla Cappuccino.

New Peach Cobbler GC Control™
Who says controlling carb and sugar cravings can’t be a treat? Now you can enjoy the flavors of fresh peaches, sweet cream, and sugary soft crust—guilt-free and anytime you like. Melaleuca’s exclusive Peach Cobbler GC Control is a delicious, clinically researched, low-glycemic shake designed to help you finally check those carb and sugar cravings and get a handle on healthy weight management.*

New PURE™ Essential Oils
PURE stands for uncompromising quality. Much more than just a brand name, PURE defines the quality of our essential oils and tells you exactly what you can expect. And now, Melaleuca is excited to welcome three new members to our incredibly popular PURE Essential Oils family: Lime single oil, extracted from 100% lime peel; Sharpen–Focus Blend; and Lighten–Stress Blend.

New Alloy® Sport
The best fit for the man who goes the distance—and who’s looking for a fragrance that can keep up with him—new Alloy Sport is fresh, engaging, and active. Alloy Sport is created with an uncommonly energizing blend of bright citrus, bold greens, and sensuous cedarwood to kick start confidence and set off strength and style. Try all four incredible products in the new Alloy Sport line-up: Body Wash, Body Spray, 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner, and Deodorant.

New Body Satin™ Fragrances
With Body Satin™, you can feel extraordinary from head to toe, morning to night, with skin-softening ButterSilk™ and four luscious fragrances. In addition to Original Scent and Pear Raspberry, now you can awaken your senses with two new alluring fragrances: Caribbean Coast, with soft hints of tropical blooms floating on coconut breezes; and Weekend Chic, with a daring balance of wild daisies, tangy tangelos, and sweet passion fruit dancing over sleek musk and soft woods.

New Sei Bella® Products
Sei Bella® has a wide variety of new products to put your beauty front and center this spring:

  • New Lip Gloss and Plump Lip Gloss formulas are better than ever with skin-nourishing and age-defying ingredients, plus deep moisturizers that leave your lips smooth and silky soft. Plus, we’ve increased our color offering to ensure every woman finds a shade (or three!) she loves. From light Pink Pearl and Golden Glow to deep Red Poppy and Black Cherry, there are 18 new shades to help you perfect your pout.
  • Three NEW Spring Romance StyleSetters™ Palettes with six highly blendable Eye Shadows and four long-wearing Lip Colors to add a dash of romance.
  • Five limited-time Creme Eye Shadows glide on smoothly and provide vibrant coverage that lasts all day without creasing, flaking, or smearing.
  • New Nourishing & Strengthening Hair Oil strengthens and conditions hair for gorgeous, easy-to-style locks.

New Safe & Mighty™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Now you can get a sparkling bowl without flushing the environment down the toilet. All-new Safe & Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner is an effective and environmentally responsible way to keep your toilet bowl clean and fresh. With no chlorine bleach, toxic chemicals, or harsh fumes to worry about, Safe & Mighty delivers unmatched cleaning power with organic acids that keep your bathroom smelling as clean as it looks.

* Melaleuca’s weight support products, like GC Control, Access, and Attain, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, help support a healthy weight and body composition. Individual results will vary when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.

Get more information, facts and figures about Melaleuca, click here for the Melaleuca overview.

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