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Kenny and Terri Smith are National Consultants, one of the top ranks in Ambit Energy's compensation plan.

This is what million dollar earner Steve Thompson, had to say about their interesting network marketing journey and how it changed their future.

Steve Thompson:

They are some of the finest people I have had the pleasure to work with. I met Kenny almost 9 years ago when he came to a small opportunity presentation at a little restaurant on Galveston Island, persistently invited for months by then Senior Consultant, National Consultant and $5 Million Dollar Earner, Debbie Atkinson.

Her hard work and persistence changed their lives (What if she had given up?). I was the presenter and after the presentation we sat and talked at length.

Kenny and Terri had been doing Network Marketing for years with many different products and companies. None did well enough to live on. I could see the desire in Pastor Kenny and I urged him to join us and work with me to success.  He said he would and “Jumped Right in 5 Months Later” (-: 

He and Terry worked very hard and shot to Executive Consultant in just six months. Some changes in their lives and they strayed away for a couple years, lured by front money and promises from another company.  We stayed in touch and when those ran their course, I urged him to come back to work.

We became closer and Pastor Kenny began to show up all over the country where I was building my business.  He was a pleasure to work with and so very coachable.  I spoke all the time about what was coming for he and Terri and how many lives they would change in route.

They worked very hard, traveled extensibly and helped wherever they could.  They never let downline or coding take them away from helping people and thus became quite loved.  They were looking at the next title promotion but I urged them to focus on helping as many people to freedom as possible, earn a large income and let the title follow their work.  They received they’re Million Dollar Jacket long before they reached the top rank, a sign of people doing it right!

They call us Ebony & Ivory as we share the stage all over the country.  They’re grandson Jayden calls me Uncle Steve and is along with them so often.  They still preach as pastors and more, but they let the church keep the salary.  They are a beacon of light to so many as they went from broke, but not broken, to Millionaires and Top Leaders.

It is my extreme pleasure to call them my friends and business partners and to share their story with the MLM World.  IF you are looking for mentors to follow, it is, National Consultants, Pastors Kenny & Terri Smith.

Below is a note from these great leaders:

Success is paid over a lifetime in daily installments,but it's the down payment that runs most people off.

We wanted more and truly deserved more,and once again, the vehicle to take us there was the problem. You see,we have done every lotion,potion,pill,vitamin,girdle,makeup,gas additive,ppl,silver coins,ect.ect.ect….They all promised a great future but delivery is still on hold.

Pastor comes home one day and announces, Sweetheart,I found something for you to do!. I didn't know if I had it in me to try one more time,for the last time. We sat down and took an in depth look into this service,and discovered it was poised to  pay us more money in one month than all our friends make all year long.

We didn't have the initial investment, so to get it we used O.P.M.,other people's money. In other words,we decided someone would not get paid that month,so WE HID OUR CAR,ONE MORE TIME.

We put our heads down,went to work,looked up six months later we had promoted to Executive Consultants in this company. There was great opposition  from family and friends, but we didn't buy their opinion. The only good thing about an opinion is that everybody has one.

We included this,because the only thing that can take you out ,is what you do not include. So we included ridicule,violent opposition, then widely acceptance.

God has truly taken us from the HOOD to the GOOD ,and exposing our story has caused many,many others to change their lives in the process.

We are now Yellow Jacket Earners,meaning we gave earned on a part time basis,a million dollars.
And recently,we were pinned by members of  Corporate ,for achieving the position of NATIONAL CONSULTANT!

We didn't get here along,it was GOD'S DIVINE FAVOR,and standing on the shoulders of other giants in this industry. We are heading a movement, SHARK NATION, and it's impact is exploding and growing.

We knew we must teach others Godly principles that work. We birthed a Shark Call ,Monday Through Friday, teaching from our hearts. We also host a Champion Prayer Call ,every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  at 6am cst. We keep this company covered in prayer,knowing that one bad mistake would affect countless lives.

Our servants heart has touched many,and the best is still,yet to come. So,we're HAVING FUN,MAKING MONEY.

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