FuXion Launches In The USA

Alvaro Benavides, CEO, Fuxion


Fuxion is a South American company founded in 2006 by Frank Michell, Derek Michell, Rafael Zuñiga Benavides and Alvaro Zuñiga Benavides, who is the main shareholder and CEO, with approx. $100 million in sales and 400,000 distributors. The company is engaged in the production of nutraceutical foods.

FuXion entrepreneurs from the U.S.A. met in Orlando, Florida to celebrate the official launch of the American market.

The event was presided over by CEO and main shareholder, Álvaro Zúñiga, the North America Regional Manager, Lina Orellana, and the U.S. Operations Manager, Michael Smith, assisted by top company leaders like Luca Melloni, Lily Rosales, Edison Ortiz, Erik Gamio and Randy Gage and all of his team.

In addition to masterful conferences, the event served as a framework to announce the Company’s manufacturing plans domestically.

FuXion steps forward in innovation as it invests in research and development in this country.

This is what we do in FuXion. From science, and starting from the respect for our ancient heritage, we made the decision to give back to nature and in this way create a concept that encompasses all these elements that are connected to each other.

We are expanding our influence, we are getting further in R&D, because we are going to the world, said Álvaro Zúñiga.

He added that, since 2011, the company has held a patent that will now also be available in the United States. This mathematical and heuristics patent, Bioprotein with Colostrum, guarantees the best possible cell regeneration.

He also announced that FuXion made a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Glycos Bio for the implementation of research and development of its products in the United States.

Fuxion USA Launch

Fuxion USA Launch

Thanks to this agreement, Fuxion will take a giant innovative step forward. Fuxion has sought the right elements to change the process by which the fruits, plants and superfoods are transformed into their products. 

On stage Richard Cilento, GlycosBio CEO, explained the scope of the planned work with FuXion. He mentioned how his organization works with many foods and compounds such as Omega 3 or DHA, and how they will integrate their technologies and laboratories with all of the new and innovative ideas FuXion already has to turn them into amazing products.  

“We are very excited to work with FuXion, he said.

GlycosBio will also be a part of the FuXion Health and science committee, along with scientists and researchers from Rice University, the Amazonian University and world-renowned scientists such as the Israeli Ahmed Tafesh, head of bionanotechnology investigation for FuXion, who has developed more than 50 patents and has been overseeing the development of our brand new vegan protein. 

Thanks to our research, we have been able to take advantage of sprouting, a process that maximizes the nutritional and biological value of the vegetables and seeds used to manufacture it, Tafesh said.

At the end of the event all of the Entrepreneurs gathered around an American flag banner and signed each one of their names as a symbol of commitment with the FuXion business and as a starting point in its growth and expansion in the country and the entire world.

In this way, FuXion begins a new growth and expansion stage, overall, one of unstoppable innovation.

About Fuxion

FuXion has a clear purpose which differentiates us – Science and heritage, from the Amazon to your holistic health. FuXion is a young and passionate food manufacturing company that markets and sells high quality food supplements extracted from selected super-fruits and vegetables from Andean, Amazonian and Oriental origins.

Our name “FuXion” comes from the “fusion” (or combination) of millenary knowledge from ancient cultures with modern science and technology to develop a unique product and service offering to improve the overall wellbeing of people, through body, mind and spiritual nutrition. For more information please visit www.fuxion.net

Get more information, facts and figures about Fuxion, click here for the Fuxion overview.

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