iMarketsLive Appoints Alex Morton As Vice President Sales

Alex Morton, iMarketsLive, Vice President Sales


iMarketsLive, a Forex education platform dedicated to teaching people how to trade forex and futures to a global audience, is excited to announce Alex Morton as their new Executive Vice President of Sales.

Alex has had a very distinguished career in the Network Marketing industry, breaking company records, generating significant revenue increases, & causing intense enthusiasm & passion in the sales force.

Alex pioneered a “Millennial Movement” within those companies. This caused an industry wide phenomenon where the majority of companies attempted to crack the code on the Millennial Generation.

Alex is a best-selling author penning two books on personal development. He also is a transformational speaker, transforming tens of thousands of lives across the globe.

He is very excited to team up with the CEO of iMarketsLive, Christopher Terry, and impact people all over the world using the iMarketsLive trading products and services.

“We are very excited that Alex has chosen to work with iMarketsLive, he is very dynamic, professional, and has a drive for success that is unparalleled.

Alex is a huge asset to our company and he loves that our business model allows everyone to achieve success just by using our educational services!”

About iMarketsLive

iMarketsLive provides a full array of retail trading products and services to a global audience for those who want to participate in the Forex & Futures Markets. iMarketsLive’s services include a Live Educational Services, Hands Free Mirror Trading as well as a Robotic Trade Scanner and other amazing services.

iMarketsLive has a bundled their products/services with a Network Marketing compensation plan that allows its IBO’s to earn a generous income by simply sharing their services with others and building a residual income though building a network of IBO’s and customers. For more information please visit

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