DubLi Network Japan: Taro Kumaki’s Journey To Vice President Success

Taro Kumaki, Dubli, Vice President


DubLi Network is a sophisticated, e-commerce network marketing company – a Triple AAA+ rated opportunity by Business For Home –  based on Cash Back shopping and travel, and the global leader in providing e-business network marketing opportunities to Independent Business Associates in almost 120 countries.

The company announced that Taro Kumaki from Japan – an important and growing market for DubLi Network – has reached the prestigious rank of Vice President. Ted Nuyten had the opportunity to interview him.

Taro Kumaki discusses leading by example and his rapid rise to Vice President

How long have you been part of DubLi Network? Which skills have you found to be most useful on your path towards achieving Vice President?

I reached the Vice President rank with DubLi Network in only two and half months after joining the company, an achievement I attribute entirely to my team. The power is in the team, not the individual. As a team, we focus on personal skill development while training and coaching new members to become our next leaders with the leading direct selling e-commerce company.

We spend considerable time planning and setting goals that benefit the entire team. Of the most useful skills, we focus on is how to overcome objections and get to “yes.”

How has Network Marketing changed your life? And what is the biggest benefit to running a DubLi Network business?

DubLi Network has allowed me to earn well beyond what I have ever dreamed, doing what I enjoy most – empowering people. It allows an individual, any individual, to create a life for themselves without any barriers or restrictions. DubLi Network has allowed me to create my own business where I reap the merit and the reward.

Furthermore, I enjoy spending my time with people who think as I do and have the same ambitions. This is what creates a very powerful team where success is achieved both together and as individuals.

To achieve the title of Vice President, you have obviously developed a successful team and created future leaders. What is the best advice you can give to help them follow in your steps?

My entire DubLi Network business is based on what is best for the team. Every decision, every plan, every goal is thought through for the benefit of the team. We spend considerable time on training and coaching our future leaders. This is the backbone of our organization. I teach based on what has worked for me: personal development, building belief, communications skills… I try to be a role model and lead by example.

Japan is famous for its advances in technology. How do you see the digital economy affecting the direct selling industry now and in the future?

Japan is a world leader in technology and e-commerce, and I believe it will only continue to lead the way. The digital economy has a great impact on the direct selling industry today and will have for many years to come. Network marketing companies that have not digitalized its business will suffer; it's not an option anymore. Direct selling companies like DubLi Network, who seamlessly merged offline and online business, will lead this industry.

What are your goals for your DubLi Network business, and how will you achieve them?

I aspire to become Senior Vice President with an organization of 10,000 by year-end 2016. In the long term, by taking advantage of DubLi Network’s unique business strategy and its excellent support system and tools, my goal is to reach 10 million customers in Japan together with my thriving team of leaders.

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