Youngevity Beta Launches Omni-Direct Cross Channel Direct Business Model

Steve Wallach, Youngevity, CEO


 Youngevity International, Inc. (OTCQX: YGYI), the only omni-direct lifestyle company, today announced the beta launch of its anticipated revolutionary and all-inclusive new online destination — temporarily housed at

When the site is formally launched as expected at the end of March, it will be fully transactional. Ultimately, at the conclusion of the transactional beta, the site will be located at its permanent web home —

Youngevity has coined the term omni-direct to describe its innovative cross channel business model that adds flexibility and convenience into the direct selling customer and independent associate experience. As an omni-direct lifestyle company, Youngevity represents a unique hybrid of direct selling, e-commerce and social selling business models.

Steve Wallach, Youngevity CEO, stated,

This technology platform has been a significant investment for our company and we are pleased that it should soon begin to drive revenue. Given the unique nature of our sales and marketing business platform we had to develop from the ground up technology and supporting architecture that was capable of scaling around the globe.

In our 20th anniversary year, we are moving to what we call a 'virtual Main Street' of products and services, stated Dave Briskie, President and CFO of Youngevity. The new Youngevity site is our virtual street address designed to provide a rich, immersive web experience that extends to all of our trusted brand families.

Briskie continued,

This will be a lifestyle web platform and will offer a fully interactive way to engage with Youngevity and its broad line-up of diverse brands. The site also reflects our mission to empower individuals as they pursue their own betterment and best lives. 

We believe living better can be relatively easy and within reach when you have the right combination of groundbreaking products and services.

Specific features of the new Youngevity web destination will include:

  • Easy intuitive search – conveniently located at the top of each screen; with the ability to narrow searches by product category
  • Icons conveniently located at the bottom of each page that transport you to each of six vertical product categories – Health & Nutrition, Home & Family, Food & Beverage (including gourmet coffee), Spa & Beauty, Apparel & Jewelry and Services
  • Simple enrollment for Youngevity Distributors
  • Vibrant lifestyle photography and messages that synergize with Youngevity products and brands
  • Portal access to the investor area of the site currently housed at
  • Optimized for desktop and tablet use

During the beta version, brands within the Youngevity portfolio can be purchased by contacting a Youngevity Distributor or by calling toll-free, 800.982.3189 or through our current legacy system

About Youngevity International, Inc.

Youngevity International, Inc. (OTCQX: YGYI) is the only omni-direct lifestyle company offering a hybrid of the direct selling business model, that also offers e-commerce and the power of social selling. Assembling a virtual Main Street of products and services under one corporate entity, Youngevity offers proven products from the six top selling retail categories: health/nutrition, home/family, food/beverage (including coffee), spa/beauty, apparel/jewelry, as well as innovative services. 

The Company was formed in the course of the summer 2011 merger of Youngevity Essential Life Sciences with Javalution Coffee Company (now part of the company's food and beverage division). The resulting company became Youngevity International, Inc. in July 2013. For investor information, please visit For general information on products and services please visit us at Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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