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Top Direct Selling Compensation Plan – Poll 2017


Business For Home is compiling the Top Direct Selling Compensation Plan ranks in the world for 2017.

Last year more than 700,000 visitors checked out the results, and still counting!

We have nominated over 850+ Top Direct Selling companies with their compensation plan. One of the most important, yet least understood aspects of a network marketing opportunity is the compensation plan.

What is the most generous and best compensation plan? What is the best opportunity for residual income? Is it a Binary, a Uni-level, a Matrix, a Stair Step Break-a-way, a Pass-up Plan, a Hybrid, an Instant pay plan?

Just about any product or service can be purchased through Direct Selling somewhere in the world. Every single day, 70,000+ prospects worldwide are looking for information to find the best opportunity available.

Which company has the best compensation plan in 2017? Where can you boost your income?

We have nominated over 850+ companies. If we have missed your company, please fill in this form

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Please do not bring in fake votes, we will notice and the company will be terminated, see this article.

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How To Vote

1. Open the Direct Selling News App or download the Free App here

2. Open Menu in the App (Left hand corner)

3. Go to Currrent Poll

4. Select your company and push the vote button

This poll closes 15 April

The Top 20 (vote results are in real time)


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