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Trish Schwenkler and her husband Robert are reaching new heights in ASEA and maintaining their position of Number 1 – Top Earner in ASEA.

ASEA is a recognized category creator. ASEA is the first  and only company to market the new patented “redox signaling technology” in both consumable and topical products to customers worldwide.

The Schwenklers joined ASEA in 2009, were recognized as the Top Earners since  2013, and within the past twelve months  have reached new, higher ranks and achievements.

In April of 2016 ASEA created six new ranks. When the new ranks were announced in April the Schwenklers were the first to achieve Ambassador Triple Diamond. Just five months later at the Envision conference the Schwenklers were again recognized as #1 earners, they were pinned and made ASEA history as ASEA’s first Presidential Diamonds.

In addition to earning awards they qualified for the 2016 Diamond Summit in Lanaii, Hawaii and to participate in the Ambassador Extraordinary Experiences program.Continued Success Attributed to Working Hard to Share and Support their global organization.

In the spring of 2016 ASEA launched RENU Advanced, the first ever redox signaling skincare and anti-aging system.  The products in this redox signaling skincare line significantly improve aging or damaged skin.

Trish Schwenkler immediatly began sharing the visible results of RENU Advanced. And for those that need to see to believe, they were quickly convinced.

The Schwenklers also attribute their recent achievements to their active involvement in this global expansion period at ASEA. The company is still in the early days and the opportunities abound as ASEA is introduced to more and more countries. 

In November of 2016, after the Diamond Summit, Trish and Robert headed down under as guest speakers in Discover ASEA events around Australia.  They met with top earners in Australia and participated in  presentations in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, and Perth.

The Schwenklers are taking a leadership role in  pre-launching ASEA’s  Asian market in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines, and Hong Kong, 

The Schwenklers are currently on the road again for an ASEA EU Tour speaking at events for their European organizations in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, Kazakhstan to name a few of their stops.

In addition to being top earners and assisting with the global expansion, Trish and Robert are committed to supporting their team. The ASEA back office supports a new business on day-one and ASEA corporate shares useful information, but the key to the Schwenkler’s success is by staying engaged with their team and supporting leaders in their team. This support comes in the form of sharing information via their website, enewsletters, social media, videos, and live video conference calls. 

Trish Schwenkler and Ted Nuyten In The Netherlands

Trish Schwenkler and Ted nuyten In the Netherlands

Trish and Robert Schwenkler have truly made their home-based business a global business as ASEA expands in existing North American, European, and Australian markets while moving into new world markets: Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philipines.

About ASEA

ASEA is a unique health technology based company in the new rapidly emerging field of “redox biochemistry”.

ASEA is the first and only company to replicate redox signaling molecules in a sustainable form outside of the body and include them in first-to-market products that help support  cellular health.

The consumable ASEA Redox Supplement replicates redox signaling molecules to support and replenish cellular healing and replenishment. The RENU Advanced is a redox signaling skincare line that significantly improves aging or damaged skin. For more information please visit


Get more information, facts and figures about ASEA, click here for the ASEA overview.

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