Ulysses Alaniz Named Vice President Of Sales Vida Divina

Ulysses Alaniz,Vida Divina, Vice President


Ulysses Alaniz is an industry Top-Earning Leader that has always done well in the Network Marketing industry.

As one of the first initial 5 to join Vida Divina, he has really grown a team that is second to none. With over 55,000 representatives in his downline, 1 Double Diamond,  2 Diamonds, 6 Platinums, 18 Golds and immense amounts of Bronze members, this gentleman has taken a lead and has quickly evolved as one of the premier leaders with in Vida Divina.

He was named one of 12 Council Members in Vida Divina Pre-Launch event in California, working hard behind the scenes to make sure the field is happy and trained.

As of March 5th 2017 Vida Divina’s CEO, Armand Puyolt, has just named him Vice President of Sales of Vida Divina Worldwide, an accomplishment well deserved for the years of dedication as one of Armand Puyolt’s best students in the MLM arena.

Ulysses Alaniz recalls his MLM beginnings;

“I will never forget when I witnessed NETWORK MARKETING as a teenager around the mid 1990’s through my parents. It started out in home meetings, then we began to do office meetings, and due to growth, next was hotel meetings.

This is where I truly witnessed the MAGIC, or MOMENTUM if you will, of Network Marketing.

That is when we had to move to an even bigger hotel room due to frequent visits from the local Fire department because our meetings were pulling in so many people that we would exceed maximum capacity at times before the presentation would even begin.”

The stories that were being shared in that room were very moving and inspiring but it all happened way too fast and Ulysses just could not understand how this growth was possible–how was it that people could change their life around in such a dramatic way. Ulysses saw people buying homes when they never owned a home before in their life, driving luxury cars, taking trips–you name it. These people with the success were really living the lifestyle that many fantasies are about. 

Yet no matter how wild or crazy network marketing seemed to him at the time it also represented hope as the results were very real. He saw and lived one of the greatest MLM runs with his parents in the high 6 figure culture. However, that great moment came to a screaming halt in the late 90’s which became one of Ulysses’ major learning curves of the industry as a young man.

Ulysses tells us;

“We had great times–my parents were successful and it was all good until that company went under and left many people looking for a new company to call home, including my parents. This left a bitter taste for me about Network Marketing.

Fast forward several years later, my parents are no longer doing MLM while I decide to go into the computer business in the early 2000’s. I did well for a few years, then my business went down, I could not find a job. At that point, my eyes were opened up again for Network Marketing.”

While many people were having a difficult time trying to find a job, let alone keep up with their bills, Ulysses noticed something peculiar about Network Marketing: he was exposed to RESIDUAL INCOME and that was something Ulysses had never heard before.

All he would hear was big checks, lifestyles, but no one explained to him how residual worked, so once Ulysses understood what that meant he quickly found out that MLM RESIDUAL is RECESSION-PROOF. Knowing how the residual side worked was a huge game changer, Ulysses quickly was able to grow a team of about 3,000 distributors in his organization with great success and ranked up quick in the MLM company he was in at the time.

Ulysses Alaniz met his Mentor, Armand Puyolt, who changed his life completely by opening up the doors and taking Ulysses under his wing. He then decided to leave his successful position in his MLM company and also let go of his traditional computer business so he can follow his mentor and learn from Armand.


“Many thought I was nuts, to let everything go as I was making great money to start something new, to join forces in a company that my mentor was helping start at the time, my mentor who I refer to as The God Father, who you might better know him as the MLM GURU, the living legend Mr. ARMAND PUYOLT. 

Meeting Armand Puyolt was really a game-changer for me because he was at the lifestyle that I wanted to reach and is someone that could show me the right way of doing the business.

There are many things and reasons why I look up to Armand Puyolt and one of those is his kind heart and willingness to genuinely help people. Seeing someone in that level of greatness that Armand had already achieved with his past 20+ years of documented success and still be humble and transparent has meant a great deal to me. It has given me even more confidence and certainty that I had found the right person to model after, I became his shadow.

There I am, full-time in network marketing, learning from a living legend, picking up golden nuggets and gems every day. I was able to grow an international organization of 19,000+ distributors and get a nice taste of Real MLM RESIDUAL. Huge leap from the 3,000 in the previous company.”

Armand Puyolt CEO Vida Divina said;

“Ulysses is a man who is hungry, and did not question at all what I was teaching him, the friendship and bond we have created goes beyond MLM and any a company, I know that whatever he does, he will do it right.

I still remember one day he rang the bell of my home near midnight, he had questions to how he was working his MLM position, we sat down and i answered everything he threw at me. I showed him my 5 steps to success all night, until it clicked and I saw his eyes light up when he finally got it, at that moment, I knew then he was going to make it big in this industry.”

Ulysses Alaniz says;

“Never forget who helped you along the way. I see many leaders all the time trying to take advantage of Armand and his good heart, abusing his friendship for their own gain. Armand’s weakness is that he loves people which is why many find the ability to take advantage of his good will, however, he knows well I will always be there for him no mater what is on the line. I owe him that and much more.

So after much success in a previous company, Armand, making an 8 figure income, all of the sudden decides to open his own company. Of course when Armand told me about the Ark that would become VIDA DIVINA, I did not think twice, no matter what my income was I was not going to miss this ship. I could not refuse. Again, many thought i was crazy dropping a downline, producing what most only dreamed. But I know if i follow Armand, my life will be better once again.

Today, in less than 6 months to today my organization has exceeded over 55,000 Distributors worldwide and is rapidly growing. The response has been tremendous and what makes it exciting is that no matter the obstacles, the culture in Vida Divina the core is one of outstanding leadership where they see the vision and are not afraid to fight for their dreams.”

Armand Puyolt CEO Vida Divina said;

“When looking to fill the position for the VP of Sales, I thought about it for weeks. I needed to find a person who was successful in the industry, a person who teaches the field in the same training that I teach and is a master of it. I needed to find a person that is 100% VIDA DIVINA only, in other words someone who embodies VIDA DIVINA and that is prepared to grow with VIDA DIVINA for years to come,

Then on one Sunday morning, the Lord told me the person who I have been looking for has been at my side for years: Ulysses is the man for the job. He knows well, how I work and train, and I do trust him with my life.”

Ulysses Alaniz concludes;

 “I feel we are not here to reinvent the wheel, we are only here to uphold the profession of Network Marketing. With Armand’s massive experience, Vida Divina is expected to be a solid company from the ground up for any one looking for a home that will be around for years to come. The products are amazing, people love them.

And, of course, the MLM RESIDUAL is beautiful. Now I understand MLM and I no longer look at it as a chance or winning the lottery ticket. It is a real business and although it has many factors to it, one of the main ingredients is leadership. I think the world still has much to see of what Armand Puyolt can bring of value and let me tell you this: I am excited myself of what is to come in Vida Divina.

I am Vida Divina 100%. I will represent to the best of my ability what this great profession can become for any one that is willing to take their life, as Armand always says, from tragic to magic.

I am forever Grateful to God, my loving and supportive Wife, my Son, my Parents and my mentor MLM GURU himself, MR. ARMAND PUYOLT for giving me the opportunity to become the VP of Sales, I will not let any of you down… Let’s keep moving forward!”

About Vida Divina

Vida Divina had one of MLM’s most Successful Launches in history. The company was founded by MLM Legend Armand Puyolt, who has been in the Top Earners ranks for over 25 years in the MLM arena as a distributor and selected by Business for Home as one of the ambassadors of the MLM Industry.

Now as CEO of Vida Divina, Armand Puyolt has a footprint into 10 countries, each with impressive Vida Divina corporate buildings and training centers, and distributing over a million products a month worldwide with in first 6 months of launch.

Vida Divina also currently ships their products to over 30 countries and owns its own manufacturing facility with over 260 patents for unique products. 

As a debt free company, Vida Divina was created to be the Ark: to cary as many people to success as possible, helping people from all walks of life to have an opportunity to change the future of their family and themselves for life. For more information please visit www.vidadivina.com

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