XANGO Celebrates Strong Leadership And Growth In South Africa

Aaron Garrity, CEO, Xango


XANGO is a recognized leader in health and wellness products, and the first company to market the premium, internationally recognized mangosteen beverage, XANGO® Juice.

XANGO opened its doors 15 years ago, and has earned a Triple-A (AAA+) classification from Business for Home based on key figures such as revenue, momentum, poll results, alexa ratings, input from direct selling professionals, top earners and head office visits. XANGO has earned a place among the biggest names in network marketing with a legacy of stability, opportunity and achievement.

XANGO operates in 40 countries, attracting top leaders from various organizations around the world. They’ve introduced a dozen innovative health and wellness product lines to their flagship XANGO Juice and successfully navigated international markets and major industry evolutions.

The rising generation of leaders in XANGO South Africa are making serious waves as this relatively new market uses its 2016 momentum to explode into 2017.

XANGO’s sales in South Africa have shown consistent double-digit growth on a quarterly basis since 2016. Sign-ups are up over 500% between February 2016 and February 2017. Within the last three months there have been significant rank advancements: two new 200K’s, two 100K’s, a Premier, as well as several 20Ks, 5Ks and 1Ks.

Fueled by a transcendent event in Mauritius in March and three dynamic leaders, South Africa has joined Asia and Europe as centers of XANGO’s major international expansion.

“In XANGO the lifestyle is a lot more than a pitch in corporate brochures,” says Redis Farka, Senior Director of Europe and South Africa. “The XANGO lifestyle is real, achievable and life-changing. Just in the last year over 1,014 people have enjoyed all-inclusive trips in exotic locations — all paid for by the company. This last trip in Mauritius was no exception: first-class venue, exclusive locale and dozens of distributors and corporate leaders celebrating the success of the XANGO business.”

XANGO Founder Aaron Garrity hosted qualified distributors for three days at the Beachcomber Le Canonnier hotel on the beautiful island of Mauritius. XANGO is known for throwing luxurious events, but what made this one extra special was the number of new faces. More than half of the distributors in Mauritius had been in the business for less than one year. For many, this was the first time traveling outside of their home countries.

It was a reward trip, but these events are also a valuable moment for newcomers to trade ideas with veterans and members of the corporate team. Garrity and company made sure to strike a balance between play and work to keep the networking wheels turning.

“XANGO is providing opportunities that are scarce in many of the African countries,” Farka said.

“Many are finding out that by sharing the products they love, their lives are changing as well.

People from all walks of life — the youth finishing school and contemplating career choices, the pensioners looking for products to benefit their health, the stay-home moms looking for supplemental income, the business professionals wanting to get out of the rat race, etc. — are finding out that in XANGO everything is possible. XANGO is the partner and the vehicle with which lives are improved.”

Naseema Bharat - XangoNASEEMA BHARAT

For an example of the transformative power of the XANGO opportunity, look no further than Naseema Bharat, XANGO’s first South African distributor to reach 200K Legend status.

Bharat is a single mother to two boys, and her job lecturing at the local university wasn’t paying the bills. She took extra jobs but still couldn’t make ends meet. She jumped at the chance when a friend introduced her to XANGO, and to networking in general, just two weeks after XANGO opened in the country.

“I bought a case of XANGO Juice for myself and shared with others because this juice made me feel so good,” Bharat remembers. Her simple testimonial and the clear health benefits of XANGO caught people’s attention, and after only six months she had over 400 cases of Juice moving through her business.

“Now I can give my sons the things that I couldn’t before, and my next goal is to change people’s lives. To help build as many 100Ks, 200Ks as I can. I want to give people financial freedom.

“Since I began this business, I have been able to visit 19 cities with XANGO. I’ve travelled to places in the world that I thought I would never have a chance to visit. XANGO is life changing.

Rob Glen - XangoROB GLEN

Rob Glen joined soon after Bharat at an early XANGO meeting in 2012. He was building his network at home but he was the only one from his team to make the long trip to Salt Lake City for the 2013 XANGO convention.“

While he was in Utah, Glen took a tour of XANGO headquarters and saw the wall in the Million Dollar Club room, with plaques showing all the distributors who had earned $1 million or more with XANGO.

“Something happened there when I was walking up and down looking at all those faces on the wall; I knew then that this was the real deal. I kept telling myself, ‘I will be on here one day.’”

Glen is now a Premier, well on his way to earning a spot on the wall and building up new leaders alongside him.

His team is in contact every day, building a network that stretches across South Africa and beyond. They support each other when it gets difficult.

They remind each other that their goals are within reach.

Yvonne Dennison-Moruakgomo XangoYVONNE DENNISON-MORUAKGOMO

One of the people Glen introduced to XANGO was Yvonne Dennison-Moruakgomo, an engineer and the daughter of a former Miss Botswana. “I didn’t know much about XANGO early on,” she admits, though she was already starting to climb the ranks. “I was just excited about the company because the XANGO Juice helped my mother.

Dennison-Moruakgomo’s compassion extends to the way she leads her XANGO team. “I just enjoy the company of these people. I’ve created family with XANGO.”

The Botswana market isn’t even officially open yet, but Yvonne’s business is exploding. “It’s word of mouth,” she explains. “Someone comes across XANGO and tells another person and within no time you have ten people coming to your house to find out about this miracle fruit, this miracle juice. With that, the growth is just overwhelming. It grows village by village, like wildfire. It’s so amazing.”

Part of the success, of course, is the quality of the XANGO opportunity, and Yvonne loves sharing the financial freedom that represents. Together, Yvonne and XANGO are offering her team an avenue to success they hadn’t dreamed possible.

Yvonne, Glen and Bharat are for their teams what their teams are for all of XANGO South Africa and Botswana — and for XANGO Nation at large. They are forerunners. They are motivators. They are builders.

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