How Melanie Milletics Turned “Mom’s Little Home Based Business” Into A Million Dollar Business

How Melanie Milletics Turned ?Mom?s Little Home Based Business? Into A Million Dollar Business

Melanie Milletics is a Global Network Marketing Professional, and one of our Recommended Distributors here at Business for Home.

Melanie began working in the industry in 2001 as a stay at home mom with a very small circle of influence.

She would be the last person to tell you that you have to rely on friends and family to build a business. To be successful, she developed creative ways to find new prospects to speak with using both on and offline lead generation methods and has become a top 1% earner in the Network Marketing Industry.

What most people don’t know about Melanie…

Melanie’s background did NOT prepare her for business.

In fact, you could very well call Melanie a “hippie momma” when she first got a glimpse of what a Network Marketing business could do for her family.

Melanie was an ecological consultant, an organic farmer, herbalist, yogini, folk singer and a backpacking traveler before settling down to raise a family.

You will probably agree that this is NOT the typical background of a high achieving business person.

Where there is a WHY, there is a way.

Melanie was determined to be a stay at home mom, and started a home-based Network Marketing business as a way to make the income to do just that. She did more than make enough to remain home to raise the kids, she rose to the top ranks in every company she touched along the way.

So how does a “Hippie Momma” turn a home based business into a Multiple Six-Figure Enterprise?  By utilizing the Internet, of course.

Committed to a better life for her family, Melanie began to study internet marketing in 2001 and used online strategies to generate leads for her Network Marketing business.

With an eye for the finish line, Melanie persisted through companies that went out of business, an economic crash, and an industry that changed drastically with the evolution of social media.  She is connected with some of the most influential people in the profession and has persisted through many challenges to stay at the top of her game.

Melanie has mastered the art of building international teams by integrating Internet and Social Media Marketing with traditional offline Network Marketing methods.

She is certified as a Professional Behavioral and Motivators Analyst and Coach and her experience in marketing, sales and leadership development makes her a highly skilled coach, trainer and speaker.

She gains tremendous satisfaction in teaching entrepreneurs how to achieve time and financial freedom though this profession and shares her expertise through her blog and on LinkedIn, where she is known as the LinkedIn Leads Lady.

“Faith is a spiritual gifting that is present in the Entrepreneur. It is obedience to a calling, risk taking in response to a vision – a believing wholeheartedly in the unseen. You have been called to greatness ~ it is time to step out in faith.”

says Melanie Milletics.


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