“I Just Want To Show Others What’s Possible”: TLC Success Story Stephen Alan and Victoria Kimuyu

Total Life Changes, Stephen Alan and Victoria Kimuyu

The success of Total Life Changes National Directors, husband and wife duo Stephen Alan and Victoria Kimuyu is testimony to the power of determination and positive thinking.

No achievement in the multi-level marketing industry comes without total commitment to the process, even in the face of considerable initial challenges. Although it only took Victoria two years to reach an income level of roughly $12,000 per month with TLC, those two years were a long and difficult road for the couple.

“Although we had success with retailing the products online, I wanted more,” Victoria recalls. “And to get more I needed to build a team. I struggled for all of 2016. We had built a system that not only retailed the tea for us, it also generated new leads every day.

And I still struggled with getting the right people on board that would stick. I couldn’t quite figure out why it wasn’t working.” Even during this period of hardship, the seeds of their eventual success were in place. Stephen was an experienced online marketer, with a passion for TLC products like Iaso® Tea and NutraBurst® that the couple themselves used at home.

“As Stephen once told me, this is a numbers game, it’s about patience and persistence,” says Kimuyu. “You can’t just love the products and the comp plan, you have to love the hustle and the work too if you want the income.”

She credits TLC’s products with helping them feel their best and TLC’s “open-armed” culture for helping them to stick it out. Thanks to the influence of National Directors Ray and Deatra Davis, Victoria realized that she wanted to attract potential leaders rather than simple followers, the better to build a team that would duplicate “like crazy” and open new markets.

The strategy paid off. With hundreds of team members in the United States, United Kingdom and, more recently, in the exploding South African market, Stephen and Victoria have helped break numerous Executive and National Directors, and have seen their own fortunes rise accordingly.

“TLC has allowed me to meet and get to know families with the same vision and mindset of growth and mutual empowerment,” says Victoria. “As I tell my team all the time, I’m so grateful I get to do this, that I get the opportunity to have a team huddle, to do one-on-ones. I don’t take it for granted because I know my struggle. I know what I’ve overcome and I just want to show others what’s possible.”

About Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes offers a diverse product portfolio of health, wellness and beauty products. Founder and “Tea” Executive Officer Jack Fallon created TLC over 16 years ago with a single product: Iaso® NutraBurst®.

Since that time, TLC has continued to develop the Iaso® brand of products to include a diverse and attractive product portfolio matched with a hybrid binary compensation plan that allows IBOs of TLC to be rewarded quickly for introducing new customers to our products and business opportunity. Find out why so many are saying, “It really is different over here.”

Get more information, facts and figures about Total Life Changes, click here for the Total Life Changes overview.

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